Graduate Council Advisory Committee Meeting
HUC Board Room
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Members present: John Johnstone, Gregg Janowski, Douglas Ayers, Kyle Grimes, Bryan Noe, Susan Rich, Jeff Engler, Stephen O’Connor, Rosalyn Weller

Guests: Drs. Donna Slovensky, Sharon Shaw, Penny Moyers, and Gerald Glandon

Staff: Susan Banks, Thomas Harris

Action Items:

    1. The first agenda item was the review of the School of Health Professions full proposal for a Ph.D. program in Rehabilitation Sciences. The Proposal was developed by an interdisciplinary committee and was defended by Drs. Donna Slovensky, Sharon Shaw and Penny Moyers.  The program will be targeted to occupational and physical therapy professionals as well as interested students from other backgrounds. There are only a few schools in the southeast which offer a similar program. With an emphasis on applied and translational science, this new degree programs will provide practicing therapists with an opportunity to apply scientific approaches to their practices. The objectives for the program are to develop scientists with intensive research skills who can be funded by NIH.  Both OT and PT faculty will participate and oversee new program.  An extensive review was conducted to determine the need for doctoral prepared faculty in rehab science.  Admission requirements for most trainees will be to have previously earned a Masters Degree in a relevant field. However holders of only a bachelor’s degree can be admitted but would need to complete an 30 additional credit hours of course work to complete the program. The first class of 12 students is expected to enter in 2011.  Doctor of Science in PT program will be phased out and replaced with new Rehab Science program. Resources will be transferred from the DPT program to the new program.  ADCOM approved this degree program proposal forward for Board and ACHE approvals.
    2. The second agenda item was the request to remove the GRE/GMAT requirements for applicants to the HIM MSHI program. Proposal was presented by Dr. Gerald Glandon. The GRE test is not a good predictor of success in the HIM program which is an executive style program with students having strong work backgrounds. Students are usually supported by the companies for which they work which is usually a good indicator they are focused and prepared. The students perform well in the program despite mediocre standardized test scores.  Similar programs at other institutions have removed the GRE requirement; by having the GRE requirement in place at UAB impedes some potential students from applying to the program.  Accordingly, the program is losing potential applicants who don’t apply due to the GRE requirement.  The most compelling indicators in making admissions decisions are career experience and the applicant’s essays.  ADCOM voted to remove GRE requirement for the HIM MSHI program.

Information Items:

  1. Graduate School Economic Development video (Noe):

            Discussion of the merits of the video ensued.  

 (ADCOM web site is

The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.