Graduate Council Advisory Committee Meeting
HUC Board Room
Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Members present: John Johnstone, Gregg Janowski, Douglas Ayers, Jim Collawn, Kyle Grimes, Bryan Noe, Susan Rich, Jeff Engler, Stephen O’Connor, David Macrina, Erica Pryor, Mary MacDougall, Rosalyn Weller

Staff: Thomas Harris, Cyndi Ballinger

Guests: Drs. Linda Lucas, Susan Spezzini, Lou Ann Worthington, and Kathleen Martin

Action Items:

    1. The first item on the agenda was the review of a proposal from the School of Engineering for an Advanced Safety Engineering and Management Track in the Masters in Engineering program. The proposal was defended by Dean Linda Lucas. New proposed track will target professionals in the manufacturing Industry. The new program will be entirely online to be available to as broad an audience as possible. Core courses will be similar to those in existing tracks with ten new courses to be developed. In the Fall of 2010 the first two new courses will be implemented. The goal is to have 20 students within the first year.  Dr. Martha Bidez, a Graduate of the Engineering Program, will take the lead in phasing in new courses.  Examinations will be project based. The track will focus on aspects of Equipment Safety and Behavior.  Adjunct faculty from various backgrounds will be brought in to teach portions of the new courses.  ADCOM approved this proposal to be moved forward for Board and ACHE approvals.
    2. The second agenda item was the review of proposal from the School of Education for a Masters degree in English as a Second Language (ESL) education. The proposal was defended by Drs. Lou Ann Worthington and Susan Spezzini. The new degree will be for teachers who plan to teach ESL.  Previously, students earned ESL certification within an existing track, the current Arts Education certification. ESL faculty would like to have their own degree certification.  There is increased interest among prospective students  due to large increase in the number of students who speak Spanish. The new degree will also prepare teachers for linguistically diverse teaching overseas.  Faculty and courses are already in place for the proposed ESL degree.  I addition, five new courses will be developed for the international track. TESOL guidelines will be followed for the curriculum. Students will have bachelor’s degree and will enter based on face to face interview and a writing summary. ADCOM approved Masters Degree in ESL to be moved forward for Board and ACHE approvals.
    3. The third item on the agenda was the review of a proposal from the School of Education for a Masters in Education degree in Reading. The proposal was defended by Drs. Lou Ann Worthington and Kathleen Martin. Currently, only a certificate is available in Reading. State requirements have been increased which requires awarding a level A certificate in Reading.  This is basically equivalent to earning a masters degree.  Twenty students have previously enrolled in the certificate program.  To offer the Masters degree no new courses or additional staff will be needed. The degree programs will be a reorganization of the existing content that has been offered for the certificate. The degree will target people who are already employed in local school districts. The new Program will be mostly online with some face to face blended courses. The program is designed for classroom reading teachers or those who qualify to be a reading coach. ADCOM recommended adding the rationale for meeting society needs in the state to the proposal.  ADCOM approved this proposal for moving forward to get Board and ACHE approvals.
    4. Agenda item four consisted of a policy discussion regarding Graduate School student support resource allocations.  Questions:  Should the limited resources available be allocated toward support of graduate students who are in practice and professional based programs? The question applies to 3 masters and 1 doctoral program representing 6.4% of graduate school’s student support budget. Normally the programs would be tuition driven. ADCOM consensus was that resources should be allocated primarily to research based Masters and Doctoral programs.

Information Items:

    1. Graduate School Economic Development video (Noe and Engler): (delayed until the next meeting due to time restrictions)
    2. Fiscal 2011 stipend and tuition allocation update (Noe):  Fiscal 2011 support levels will be maintained at the fiscal 2010 level of funding.  Resources are being allocated consistent with the recommendations made under the new allocation paradigms.  Funding letters will be sent out the week of January 11.
    3. New expectations for T32 training grant applications (Rich):  Link to handout
    4. Data gathering for the annual NSF report (Noe): Survey data will be entered centrally by the Graduate School Staff using new approaches to obtaining the necessary data.  Deadline for submission this year is February 26, 2010. 

 (ADCOM web site is

The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.