gsrd 2016 allAttendees of the 2016 GSRD Awards CeremonyUAB Graduate School hosted its 2016 Graduate Student Research Days research presentation competition March 9 through 11 in the Hill Student Center Ballrooms. About 65 student participants were divided into 14 sessions over the three days, and scores were tallied based on peer reviews. Below are the session winners. The Graduate School would like to thank everyone who participated and congratulate all the winners!

Session 1
1st place: Dana Schippman - Factors the Influence the Completion of Predictive Testing for Huntington Disease
2nd place: Kayla Lewis - The effects of SAHA and EGCG on miR-221/222 expression in triple negative breast cancer

Session 2
1st place: Haley Johnson Bishop - Differences in hazard response among adolescent drivers with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder
2nd place: Tyler R. Bell - Perceived injustice explains pain intensity over and above attentional bias
2nd place: Benjamin McManus - Vigilance in Commercial Drivers: Individual Differences Moderate the Effect of Secondary Tasks

Session 3
1st place: Katy Drazba - Incorporation of a Genetics-based Information Module into Standardized Diabetes Patient Education
2nd place: Jordan Roberts - Influence of Maternal Age on the Effect of Organic Selenium in the Animal Model Daphnia pulex

Session 4
1st place: Justin Van Beusecum - MHC II Invariant Peptide Chain (CLIP) Antagonism with VG177, Restores Renal Autoregulation
2nd place: Benjamin Yaw Owusu - Inhibition of oncogenic HGF/Met signaling by a novel small molecule, SRI31215

1st place: Daniella Chusyd - Body Composition and Ovarian Cycling Status in Elephants
2nd place: Camille Schneider - Associations of neonatal adiponectin and leptin with growth in African American infants

Session 5
1st place: Tandy Dolin Petrov - Characterizing HP1 Phenotypes During Life Span
2nd place: Molly C. Bernhard - Effects of the indoor thermal environment on human food intake: A pilot randomized cross-over trial

Session 6
1st place: Joseph A. Hakim - The gut microbiota and their predicted metagenome in naturally occurring sea urchins
2nd place: Xiaoyu Liu - The Multifaceted Role of Arabidopsis thaliana GCN2 (AtGCN2) Kinase in Plant Immune Responses

Session 7
1st place: Anukul Shenoy - Streptococcus pneumoniae Forms Biofilms Within the Heart
2nd place: Clarissa Weaver - Effect of Co-Chaperone DnaK on Mechanism of E. coli ClpB catalyzed protein disaggregation

Session 8
1st place: Randee Sedaka - Flow-Induced Activation of NO Production is Calcium- and HDAC1-Dependent in IMCD Cells
1st place: Kathryn Oliver - Cystic Fibrosis: Overcoming the Basic Defect by Targeting the Ribosome
2nd place: Arthur H. Totten - Allergic Airway Sensitization Impairs Bacterial-Specific IgG Responses during Mycoplasma pneumoniae
2nd place: Reena Beggs - Effect of Citric Acid on Dysuria Relief

Session 9
1st place: Brandon Fox - Endothelial-Derived ET-1 Contributes to the Pressor Response Elicited by Acute Behavioral Stress
1st place: Katelynn Corder - The Effects of Alterations in Neuropeptide Y levels on Anxiety
1st place: Oghale Elijah Asagbra - Early Adopters of HIT with Patient Engagement Functions: Do They Have Better Financial Performance?

Session 10
1st place: Hisham Abdelmotilib - Role of LRRK2 in alpha-synuclein induced neurotoxicity
2nd place: Mary Phillips - Long range dysfunction: the influence of the hippocampus on the mPFC in Rett Syndrome
2nd place: Jessica Nichols - Manganese porphyrin as a potential therapeutic for repeated mild traumatic brain injuries

Session 11
1st place: Avantika Naidu - Effects of differential fore-aft resistive forces on propulsive force generation during walking
2nd place: Amanda Mohaimany-Aponte - Effects of cannabidiol administration on neuropathic pain development post spinal cord injury

Session 12
1st place: Catheryn A. Orihuela - Reciprocal Relationships Between Emotional Regulation and Eating Motives in African American Youth
2nd place: Sarah Graham - Adaptability of locomotor force generation under varying levels of postural demands while walking

Session 13
1st place: Kayla Goliwas - Three Dimensional Modeling of Breast Carcinoma Using a Novel Perfusion Bioreactor System
2nd place: Allie Widman - Low-dose Ketamine Disinhibits CA1 Pyramidal Cells and Selectively Decreases Inhibitory Input

gsrd 2016 winnersGSRD 2016 winners who attended the awards ceremony