SESSION 1 – Arts and Humanities
2nd Place – Catherine Wright – Anthropology
1st Place – Justin Johnston – Communication Management

SESSION 2 – Social and Behavioral Sciences
3rd Place – Mobola Kukoyi – Epidemiology
2nd Place – Annie Artiga Garner – Medical Psychology
1st Place – Joshua Argo – Public Health, Outcomes Research

SESSION 3 – Physical Science and Engineering
3rd Place – Lina Herrera-Estrada – Materials Engineering
2nd Place – Meredith Reid – Biomedical Engineering
1st Place – Sarah Thomas – Physics

SESSION 4 – Life Sciences
2nd Place – Rachel Philpott – Biology
1st Place – Steve Padgett-Vasquez – Biology

SESSION 5 – Physical Science and Engineering
3rd Place – Giang Tong – Interdisciplinary Engineering
2nd Place – Reginna Scarber – Materials Science Engineering
1st Place  - Dina Halwani – Biomedical Engineering

SESSION 6 – Life Sciences
3rd Place – James Machamer – Cell Biology
2nd Place – Brian Dranka – Molecular and Cellular Pathology
1st Place – Anne Diers – Molecular and Cellular Pathology

SESSION 7 – Life Sciences
3rd Place – Sarah Jenkins – Pharmacology and Toxicology
2nd Place – Thomas Bodenstine – Molecular and Cellular Pathology
1st Place – Jason Huff – Microbiology

SESSION 8 – Mathematics and Computer & Information Sceinces
3rd Place – Ali Al-Sharadqah – Applied Mathematics
2nd Place – Lin Yang – Computer and Information Sciences
1st Place – Clinton Curry – Applied Mathematics

SESSION 9 – Life Sciences
3rd place – Sabarish Indran – Microbiology
2nd Place – Yongliang Huo – Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
1st Place – Mick Edmonds – Molecular and Cellular Pathology

SESSION 10 – Life Sciences
3rd Place – Deborah Mai – Microbiology
2nd Place – George Atkinson – Cellular and Molecular Biology
1st Place – Jason Lucas – Cellular and Molecular Physiology

SESSION 11 – Health and Behavioral Sciences
3rd Place – Connie White-Williams – Nursing
2nd Place – Laura Williams – Nursing
1st Place – Lucy Kehinde – Vision Science

SESSION 12 – Life Sciences
3rd Place – Amit Ashtekar – Microbiology
2nd Place – Amanda Swindall – Cellular and Molecular Physiology
1st Place – Christopher Yuskaitis – Cell Biology

SESSION 13 – Physical Science and Engineering
3rd Place – Dwayaja Nadkarni – Chemistry
2nd Place – Jason Freeman – Chemistry
1st Place – Jason Hudson – Chemistry

SESSION 14 – Life Sciences
3rd Place – Gil Koplovitz – Biology
2nd Place – Matt Larson – Physiology and Biophysics
1st Place – Ying Zheng – Cell Biology

Graduate School News

50 awardees honored at 2016 CIRTL Awards Ceremony

cirtl logo sq 100x10050 awardees were honored on Wednesday April 27 at the 2016 CIRTL Awards Ceremony. To prepare for careers in STEM and Social Sciences, these graduate students and postdocs from across campus have undertaken training to develop their college teaching skills through UAB’s Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning. Read more ...

15 UAB faculty honored for excellence in mentorship

Mentorship Logo RGBFifteen faculty members were honored April 20 at a ceremony recognizing the University of Alabama at Birmingham's outstanding mentors. The 2016 Graduate School Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentorship Ceremony drew more than 120 people to celebrate the honoree's achievements. Read more ...

Exploring memory storage and retrieval through neuroscience and art

rememory group photo squareMika Guzman Karlsson, an MD/PhD candidate from the Sweatt lab, and Megan Rich, a PhD student from the Bolding lab, both from the Department of Neurobiology, described how memories are stored and retrieved at the Discoveries in the Making event at the Homewood Library on April 14, 2016. Read more ...
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