There was a time when graduate students only had to have an impressive CV to land a job interview. Not anymore.  To be competitive, today’s job applicants must possess essential workplace communication skills and experiences prior to graduation. To help students get a head start on their careers, the UAB Graduate School is offering two one-day workshops and three elective courses focused on upgrading professional survival skills.  The offerings cover grant writing, presenting effectively, developing a professional image, and writing for publication (offered online). All courses are for-credit electives, pass no-pass. Details include the following:


GRD 706 Grants and Fellowships 101: How to Obtain Funding
Fall Semester, 1-day workshop
1 credit hour; Contact Dr. Julia Austin at
This workshop provides an introduction to writing grant proposals and fellowship applications. Topics include funding sources, electronic databases, organization and format of proposals and applications, submission and review processes, use of secondary sources, and guidelines for effective proposal writing.

GRD 707 Presenting Effectively
Fall Semester, 1-day workshop
1 credit hour; Contact Dr. Jennifer L. Greer at
This workshop examines elements necessary for giving effective professional presentations. Topics include analyzing audience and purpose, assessing environment, language choices, differences between speaking and writing, nonverbal communication, characteristics of effective delivery, controlling nervousness, poster presentations, visual aids, and handling questions.


GRD 701 Presentation & Discussion Skills
Fall and Spring Semesters, Wednesdays, 5:30 to 8pm
3 credit hours; Contact Alan Corbin at .
This course is designed to develop professional communication skills through individual presentations and group evaluations. Topics include the basics of oral presentation, content, organization, and delivery of formal presentations; use of voice and nonverbal communication; and speaking to different audiences. Students’ presentations are videotaped and critiqued by their classmates and the instructor.

GRD 728 Professional Writing & Publishing
Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters, 12-week, Online class
3 credit hours; Contact Dr. Jennifer L. Greer at
Designed for researchers seeking to write and publish professionally.  Includes writing in field, peer review, self-editing, and coaching.  Instructor approval required for second-language writers. 

GRD 730 Developing Your Professional Image
Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters, Mondays 5:30 to 8pm                                                                     
3 credit hours; Contact Alan Corbin at
Build communication skills and learning strategies while exploring cultural values. Through small-group interaction, students learn to effectively discuss their opinions, organize effective talks, and analyze complex problems. This Level 3 course prepares students for the kinds of communication expected in graduate school – participating in academic discussions; debating scholarly projects with colleagues; and delivering formal talks at professional meetings.