Jessica DeitzerJessica DeitzerGraduate School: Where are you from?

Jessica Deitzer: I am from Scranton, Pennsylvania (yes, like The Office). 

GS: What degree(s) did you receive and when?

JD: I received my Bachelor's in Psychology and Sociology from Penn State University in the summer of 2013. I am graduating this summer from UAB with my Master's of Science in Criminal Justice. 

GS: How long have you been at UAB?

JD: I have been at UAB since the fall of 2013.

GS: What is your research?

JD: Most of the research I have conducted at UAB involves qualitative interviews with methamphetamine (meth) users and cooks in the South. My thesis focuses on how and why more women are becoming meth cooks, specifically inside the context of local "shake and bake" meth markets. I am also working on some new research about "criminal self-efficacy," or the appraisals of offenders of their own competencies at crime and how that affects their identity formation and decision-making processes.