Single Event Guidelines

Timeline and Process Summarized

Submit Pre-approval form and Single Event Application to the GSA Treasurer via email.  The Pre-approval form will be forwarded on to the Graduate School for approval.  Pre-approval does NOT guarantee funding from the GSA.

Within two weeks of receiving the application, the GSA Budget Committee will meet to make a non-biased recommendation to either fund fully, partially, or not fund the request based upon available funds and eligibility of the request.

GSA General Assembly votes on the proposal as recommended by the GSA Budget Committee. Your event must be approved by the Graduate School prior to this meeting.

If approved for funding, the group is eligible to submit reimbursement for funds up to but not exceeding the approved request.

Within two weeks of the event/meeting, submit all necessary documentation to the GSA treasurer.

UAB finance issues reimbursement generally within one month of receiving documentation.

Pre-approval generally takes about 2-3 weeksto process through the Graduate School/UAB Financial Affairs.  GSA General Assembly meetings only occur once monthly at the beginning of every month.  Due to the necessary sequence of events as well as limits in available funding, it is HIGHLY recommended that you start the process of applying early.

In order for the GSA to maintain compliance with the monetary policies of the Graduate School and UAB, we require that any organization requesting funds adhere to the following guidelines.  It is the responsibility of the student group requesting funding, not the GSA, to ensure that reimbursement requests are in compliance with all UAB Financial Affairs, Graduate School, and GSA rules. 

Funding Restrictions


In accordance with the UAB Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment Policy (dated November 8, 2011), GSA funds can not be used for an organization and/or program that restricts participation in an activity on the basis of race, color, religion, sex,  national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

The GSA shall not fund any program, service, or organization that is not open to all graduate students.


GSA funds cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.


Spending of GSA funds shall be only for the event/meeting as proposed. There shall be no spending of the GSA funds given to a sponsor after the event has already taken place. If there should be a change in the schedule of events after funding has already been granted, your organization will be required to resubmit your proposal.

Expenditure Guidelines for reimbursement


EVENTS that are social in nature

  • Must be pre-approved by the graduate school and UAB finance
    • Generally takes about 2-3 weeks
    • Contact the GSA Treasurer to get a pre-approval form and further information
  • Must be held ON CAMPUS for organizations outside of the GSA
  • See Expenditure Guidelines and UAB Financial Affairs for more information


MEETINGS at which UAB business and/or educational seminars will occur

  • Must be held ON CAMPUS
  • Food can be purchased but cannot be the “primary” purpose of the event
  • See Expenditure Guidelines and UAB Financial Affairs for more information



See Expenditure Guidelines and contact the GSA Treasurer with questions.

Please note that individuals requesting reimbursement must be Oracle registered employees at UAB.  Certain “trainee” designations are not eligible to be reimbursed.  


Funding requires that you utilize the free advertising available in the UAB Reporter and/or Kaleidoscope.  GSA sponsorship shall be indicated in all advertising or announcements (including emails).  Failure to do so may result in loss of grant fundin