Advice about Graduate School

Graduate school certainly has its ups and downs! The first year can be the most important and the most confusing. Some tips from current UAB graduate students in order to help you rise to the occasion...

"If your program incorporates lab rotations, choose them carefully. This is how you will find the lab and mentor you will work with very closely. Ask older students about labs and professors as they often know things that will not be conveyed to you."

"Grad school often has very relaxed guidelines. It is ultimately up to you to push your progress along. Take initiative in your career development."

"Take every opportunity to practice public speaking. It is an invaluable skill and you must master it in order to get through graduate school."

"You will want to make sure your mentor and his/her spouse is in good health and not planning on leaving UAB for the time you plan on being a student"

"Get involved in UAB athletics- it's free for students"

"The student health clinics are great for those with VIVA. Don't be afraid to use them"

"Budget carefully your first year. You will not receive your first stipend check until you have been here for one month"