GSA Committees

The following are standing committees in the GSA. These committees meet outside the Senate meetings in order to conduct special business and make recommendations to the Senate. If you would like to become involved in any of these committees, please Email the appropriate Chairperson.

Student Activities Committee – Beth Walters, Chair
      Constance Agamasu, Vice Chair
      Manoj Gottipati, Vice Chair

The Student Activities Committee is responsible for identifying and planning all social and community service activities of the GSA.

Budget Committee - Jocelyn Hauser, Chair
    Rishabh Kala , Biology
    Ryan Smith , Biomedical Sciences
    Serkan Guldal , Interdisciplinary Engineering
    Katie Litts , Vision Science
    Kyle Besing , Mathematics
    Manoj Gottipati , Biomedical Engineering

The Budget Committee is responsible for organizing fundraisers and making recommendations concerning the GSA budget.

Community Service Committee Julie Schram, Chair
    Sandra Garcia, Vice Chair

Marketing & Communications CommitteeJay Bhatt, Chair

Orientation CommitteeKartik Manne, Chair

The Orientation Committee is responsible for hosting the New Graduate Student Orientation at the beginning of each fall semester. Only active from March/April to September.

Constitution Committee - Amanda Plain, Parliamentarian

The Constitution Committee is responsible for ensuring the GSA follows the policies and procedures laid out in the Constitution.  The committee is also in charge of amending the Constitution, when needed, and bringing such proposals to the GSA.

University Wide Committees

Graduate School Student Advisory Committee

Program Allocation Board

Committee on the Status of Woman

Campus Recreation Advisory Council

Lecture and Events


Lister Hill Library - User Centered Design Committee


Blazer Media