GSA Senate

A great way to meet new people, develop leadership and teamwork skills, and play an active role in formulating policies affecting graduate students.

If you are interested in representing your program as a GSA Senator:

1. Come to a monthly Senate meeting. These are usually held the first Wednesday of every month at 5:00 p.m. Email the Secretary to confirm date and location.

2. Read the GSA Senator Responsibilities page below....

3. Your program Director or department Chairperson should email or write a nomination to the GSA Secretary. You are then an official voting member.

Representation from all departments at UAB is a priority of the GSA and the GSA leadership greatly appreciates the time and effort of the Senatorial membership. As thanks for participation in the GSA Senate and fulfillment of Senator Responsibilities, the GSA provides the following benefits to Senators:

Priority access to GSA Travel Grants
More information in the GSA Travel Grant Guidelines (link this to the guidelines doc -

Business Cards
Senators who have been in good standing for at least four months and have a strong attendance record can receive complimentary UAB business cards. For more information contact the GSA Treasurer.

GSA Senator Responsibilities
Important information for prospective and current Senators

GSA Committees
Committee responsibilities

Current Senators
Current Senators listed by program.