StuLifeLogoWebStudent Life at UAB offers more activities than most students can juggle, giving each individual something uniquely suited for his or her own taste.

Blaze2A-copyEvents ranging from relaxing at free movies or comedy shows to the rigors of rappelling down a cliff or hiking the Grand Canyon are available. Each academic term brings new events, new adventures, chances to make new friends, socialize and have a good time.

Funded in part by your student service fees, special activities range from those found on most campuses to some unique to UAB.  These activities will enhance your academic experiences while enriching your physical, emotional and social well being. Regardless of the activity you choose, get involved!

You’ll get more out of your UAB experience by taking an active role in campus life.

The organizations and activities included here are an introduction. Feel free to contact the advisor at the number indicated on the list if you’re interested in participating or would like additional information about any group.

For general information on Student Life activities, call 934-4175 or stop by our office at the 1715 Building (1715 9th Avenue South), or email