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Organizations at UAB

art_bsync_webReady to get involved?

Join the club.

More than 300 official student organizations help make UAB an active, exciting, fun place to be. You’ll discover groups devoted to hobbies, music, sports, and culture, along with honor societies, fraternities and sororities, plus organizations connected with majors and careers.

Blaze2A-copyAnd because it’s easy to start student organizations, new groups and new friends are always popping up.

See what’s available by browsing the lists maintained by UAB Student Leadership. To learn more about each organization, visit the Organizations Website.

For information about starting and maintaining student organizations, rules, resources, and more, visit the pages describing official policies and forms.

Search UAB Student Organizations

Among the categories for student organiations are the following:

  • Academic/Departmental
  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Campus Ministries
  • Career Services
  • Community Service
  • Cultural
  • Governance
  • Graduate
  • Greek
  • Honor Society
  • Honors Academy
  • Leadership
  • Political
  • Recreational/Athletic
  • Religious
  • Residential Life
  • Special Interest
  • Student Services
  • University Programs Council