UAB Counseling & Wellness Center

Free, confidential counseling related to personal growth, human development, and interpersonal relationships is available at the UAB Counseling & Wellness Center, located in the Holley-Mears Building.

We provide individual and group counseling, educational materials, and a variety of programs for the overall health of our students.

The Center’s philosophy comes from a personality model that identifies six important dimensions of people: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual. We believe that personal wellness depends upon our conscious commitment to growth and improvement in all these areas.

Throughout the year, the UAB Counseling & Wellness Center also provides opportunities to pursue enhanced wellness in a variety of other ways, including programs to benefit the well being of our students. In cooperation with UAB schools of Public Health, Health Promotion, Nutrition, and others, we are attempting to design and implement educational events to demonstrate that healthy living can be both practical and enjoyable.

For more information or to contact the UAB Counseling & Wellness Center, please call 205-934-5816