UAB Campus Restaurants offers a variety of meal plans options to best suit your dining needs.

Purchasing a meal plan gives you the advantage of not worrying about having enough cash on hand to eat on campus and adds value to your dollar. Simply swipe your CampusCard and dine!

For the 2011-12 academic year, all enrolled students residing in on-campus housing, including Blount and Blazer Halls, and all undergraduate students taking twelve (12) or more credit hours who do not reside on campus will be assessed a $225 Campus Dining Fee during fall and spring semesters.

Campus Dining Fee funds can be accessed through the students CampusCard Dining Dollars account. Dining Dollars is a declining balance account that can be used for purchases at all UAB dining facilities.

Funds in the student’s Dining Dollars account will roll over during the terms included in one academic year (i.e. fall to spring to summer). After the last class day of summer semester 25% of any remaining balance in a student’s Dining Dollars account will be converted to BlazerBucks before the Dining Dollars account is cleared out in preparation for the upcoming academic year.

The Dining Dollars account is used for accessing Campus Dining Fee funds only. Individuals who wish to add additional funds can do so through their CampusCard BlazerBucks account.

Once charges are posted to the student account, payment of the Campus Dining Fee can be made to the Student Accounting Office in person, by mail and online.

  • To pay in person, visit the Cashier’s Office at 322 Hill University Center.
  • To pay by mail, send a check for your meal plan payment to:
    HUC 322
    1720 2nd Ave S
    BIRMINGHAM, AL 35294-1150
  • Payment via the web can be done through BlazerNET. BlazerNET provides a secure connection for credit card payments.
Payment deadlines for the Campus Dining Fee follow the published tuition and fee payment deadlines.