Two themes – helping you formulate and helping you realize your career aspirations –comprise the focus of the activities, services, and programs provided through Career Services.

When researching career options you will find job, salary, and typical career path descriptions; employer literature; graduate school catalogs; and similar useful information in the Career Services library. Utilize the confidential individual counseling services to learn how your personality, skills and intellectual interests, lifestyle values, and previous experience relate to career choices and major programs of study.

Achieving career goals involves learning from people who make hiring decisions.  Attend the numerous workshops, information sessions, and career fairs featuring community and business leaders. You may also receive guidance through the Mentor Program sponsored in partnership with the UAB National Alumni Society. Students are paired with UAB alumni and friends who are currently established in their professions.

Gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of one of the many Experiential Education programs offered through Career Services. Experiential Education is a broad category of opportunities designed to help students define their educational goals and prepare for their careers by exploring the realities of the working world. Experiential Education includes the following programs: Cooperative Education (Co-op), internships, mentoring, job shadowing, and volunteering. Each opportunity is a carefully monitored work or service experience in which students have intentional learning goals and reflect actively on what they are learning throughout the process.

Experience gained through part-time jobs and internships will assist you to build your professional credentials. Employment assistance is offered by UAB Career Services if you are seeking a part-time job while completing your degree.

Assistance with locating professional career employment is available to graduating students and alumni. Begin your job search one year prior to your graduation date. Because employers in different industries hire in different ways, services at UAB Career Services take several forms, including personal job search strategy consultations, job listings, candidate resume referral, on-campus interviews, and annual job fairs.

For career management assistance, contact Career Services at one of the following three locations: Main Office, Hill University Center, Suite 532, 934-4324, Branch Office-School of Business, Business-Engineering Complex, Suite 202, 934-9202, Branch Office-School of Engineering, Hoehn Engineering Bldg., Room 115-C, 934-4324. Also be sure and visit us online at