The Key Control section is responsible for the issuance and retrieval of UAB issued keys and card access badges for all employees and students. We issue all card access badges for the campus and program all badges for campus and hospital. We currently maintain a database in excess of 31000 cards. Key Control will program access for students on the Campus Card if the student is currently living in a dorm. This eliminates the need for multiple badges. Our goal is to make UAB a “one card campus”.

To request a badge or a key you must fill out an Access/ Key Internal Order Form. This form can be mailed or faxed, but you must have the AUTHORIZING signature fill out. 

Access/ Key Internal Order Form (PDF)



Lost/Stolen master key




Badge Reel




Stolen Badge


Lost/ Damaged Badge


Location - 909 18th street South Burleson Building, suite 230

Office Hours - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday –Friday

Phone - 205-934-3708

Fax -      205-934-9293

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If you need any information on pricing or ordering you can send your email to