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Welcome to Healing Words, a volunteer organization of college students who read aloud to patients and residents in hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices.

"Healing Words is about bringing cheer and lending a listening ear. The majority of nursing home, hospice, and hospital patients are not able to go outside, so we bring the outside world in to them." –Jacquelyn

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"Healing Words enables pre-med students to relate to patients on a more personal level. Healing Words opened my eyes to the patients’ perspective and helped me to see the whole person rather than just the physical symptoms." –James

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"Healing Words is a great opportunity to help out others by doing something as simple as talking with them. I volunteer at UAB hospital and look forward to my visits knowing that at the end of them both patients and I feel a million times better. I cannot think of a more rewarding way to spend my time." –Ryan

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"The best part about being a reader is learning from the patients about past events and being able to offer my company to people who have no family who can visit them." –Aida

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