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Promising therapy emerges for older patients with Hodgkin lymphoma A safe, effective first course of treatment has been identified for those who can’t or won't be treated with conventional combination chemotherapy.

Brentuximab vedotin, which delivers a potent dose of chemotherapy without harming healthy cells, delivers a high rate of remission in patients ages 60 and older, according to a study led by Andres Forero, M.D., published online in the journal Blood.

The next step is to evaluate this drug in combination with additional chemotherapy or immunotherapies that might  prolong the response without relapse, Forero said.

UAB study uses smartphone technology to promote pulmonary rehab at home


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Building new worlds Games have a serious purpose in the UAB School of Engineering’s Enabling Technology Lab. Surrounded by the latest high-tech gear, programmers, artists and software developers are working together to create a new breed of immersive digital simulation.

One recent project from the lab teaches security teams how to outwit terrorist threats. Another allows emergency personnel to rehearse the details of a complex resuscitation technique in a few minutes.

On the horizon, advances in sensors, 3-D cameras and more will allow fascinating new applications, merging the real and virtual worlds, said ETLab Director Corey Shum. “Our goal is to bring these things together.”