UAB enrolls nation’s first patient in Phase III drug trial for preeclampsia If successful, this would be a significant clinical breakthrough for pregnant women and reduce pre-term births and infant mortality.

UAB is expected to be a leader in the trial, which will enroll 120 women at centers around the country during the next 18 months.

UAB listed among nation’s 100 best hospitals for cancer care

Fewer traffic fatalities in states that ban texting while driving, study finds


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Nuclear medicine technology students battle an invisible foe In one class, students play hide’n’seek with an opponent they cannot see: a radioactive isotope. They have the rare experience using a SAM 940, a new radiation isotope identifier, paid for in part by gifts to the department.

“This state-of-the-art tool is a great acquisition for our students to learn the latest technology in their field, and it is available for the UAB and Birmingham communities in case there is ever a radiation emergency,” said Program Director Norman Bolus.