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New tech improves ability to detect prostate cancer A new MRI-US image fusion technique, which is the first advancement in screening for prostate cancer in 30 years, is now available in the Southeast — only at UAB’s Program for Personalized Prostate Cancer Care.

Jeffrey Nix, M.D., and Soroush Rais-Bahrami, M.D., are two of a select few urologists trained to use this technology. It replaces less reliable, random tissue-sampling with a targeted biopsy of suspicious areas that “can detect prostate cancer with high accuracy,” Nix said.

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The mind as medicine One of the most powerful treatment tools may sit inside our own heads. Discover how UAB psychology researchers are harnessing the brain’s healing potential — and teaching it a few new tricks. Their breakthroughs have taught stroke patients to regain limb function and helped elderly patients lessen their chances of experiencing cognitive decline.

The investigators are also shedding light on connections to chronic pain — and the curious roles that stress, sleep, and even love could play in managing it. Learn more about the links between brain and body in this feature from UAB Magazine.