Ophelia Johnson

Newest Marshall Scholar ready to 'change the world' Engineering alum and graduate student Ophelia Johnson is UAB's second recipient of the highly esteemed Marshall Scholarship, which she will use to pursue medical device design at Imperial College London.

At UAB, she’s already developed a glucometer to help patients monitor their health and a device to take vital signs from patients who are too ill to stand when arriving in the emergency department.

“Now through the Marshall Scholarship program, I’ll be able to further what I started at UAB through learning more about how medical device design and manufacturing really plays into lowering the cost of health care,” Johnson said.


Engineering helmets work

High-tech dummies help tackle head-injury epidemic After making highways and race tracks safer, UAB’s renowned safety expert and engineering professor Dean Sicking, Ph.D., is using his collision expertise to re-create football impacts and evaluate helmet performance in a unique facility.

“Football helmets are designed to prevent skull fractures," Sicking said. "The problem is, football’s problem isn’t skull fractures. It’s concussions.”

The goal is to establish a new testing standard that will identify the best brain-protecting helmets on the market and lead to improved designs. “This facility gives us the ability to take that testing off the field, and determine a helmet’s performance up-front,” he said.