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There’s a better way to let computers know you are human CAPTCHA services that require users to type in distorted characters to access devices or information may be a thing of the past, say UAB researchers pursuing authentication based on simple computer games.

Developed as a security mechanism, text-based CAPTCHAs are limited in their effectiveness: They may not be easy to solve, and they are susceptible to hackers. UAB’s team is creating and testing dynamic cognitive game prototypes that are user-friendly for humans while detecting automated attacks.

UAB researchers receive $1 million NIH grant for obesity research course


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Student-made documentaries showing at Sidewalk Film Festival Four documentary shorts made at UAB will be shown as part of a series of Alabama-made films at the 2014 Sidewalk Film Festival, which runs from Aug. 21-24 in Birmingham.

Three of the four films were made by students in UAB's Ethnographic Filmmaking class, which combines instruction in the craft of filmmaking with community engagement. “Ethnographic Filmmaking really presented me with an opportunity to break past social barriers and learn about the lives of people I otherwise would never have met,” said Samantha Richardson, a studio art major.