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Unique NIH grant enables UAB to pursue underdeveloped area of science UAB received a $10 million, five-year U19 grant to explore adaptive immunity that may improve the protective effects of vaccination.

Adaptive immunity is the response that follows a vaccination, where the body produces, antibodies that can recognize and neutralize a viral infection and “memory cells” that maintain watch against future infections by the same virus.

The focus of the UAB grant — one of eight U19 grants funded by the NIAID — is viral-induced, cell-fate decisions in anti-viral immunity.

Drug shown to reverse diabetes in human islets, mice to enter human trials


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Counting the consequences Justice may be blind, but Griffin Edwards isn’t. The assistant professor in the UAB Collat School of Business is an expert in the new field of empirical legal studies — an innovative mashup of high-powered statistical methods and the law. By crunching all kinds of numbers, he sheds light on the surprising, often unintended consequences of legislation. In UAB Magazine, he explains what crime data reveals about the effectiveness of mental-health regulations, how crop yields could rewrite the history of Prohibition and what golf scores can tell us about the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Give something and change everything for faculty and students in the Collat School of Business.