Academic Calendar – primarily for Registrar, Enrollment Management, etc., to post schedule, timelines and deadlines.

Academic Presentations – for events related to formal instruction such as Grand Rounds, departmental lectures, final defenses, Continuing Medical Education (see Lectures, Talks & Seminars).

Alumni – for National Alumni Society and related events.

Alys Stephens Center – for events hosted in the facility.

Blazer Athletics – for Division I competitive sports schedules and events.

Campus Recreation – for classes, activities, trips occurring in the facility or sponsored by Campus Rec management and/or intramural sports.

Lectures, Talks & Seminars – for events that have an educational purpose (particularly guest lectures, endowed lectures, Discussion Book activities) but are not tied to formal instruction goals.

Meetings/Workshops/Groups – for events that have a personal, social, civic and/or career-development purpose.

SCHOOLS – for events and activities sponsored by the individual school.

Special Events – for recurring annual or campuswide events, major fundraisers, milestone observances.

Student Programs – for official, university Student Life-sponsored programs and events.

UAB Administrative Calendar – for designated UAB holidays, major award deadlines, critical timelines and deadlines from HR, IT, Finance and/or other administrative departments.

UAB Employee Wellness – For wellness-related activities and offers made available by the university to its employees.