Who can submit events?

All site visitors can submit events, which then are subject to the approval of the calendar manager.

Who are the calendar managers?
Each specific calendar has a manager who approves submitted events and also may edit/delete events, add/edit/delete special dates and define event types and locations.

What events can be posted?
The UAB Campus Calendar generally accepts submission of events that are occurring on the campus and those off-campus events that are sponsored or directed by an official UAB school/division/unit.

How do I submit an event?
Click Submit Event in the green horizontal menu bar. Select one or more calendars to which you want to submit the event from the pull-down Calendars menu. For submission to more than one, choose (Select Multiple) next to Target Calendars and click Apply. Fill in the fields in the form that appears and add a description if desired and click Submit. You may Preview your entry before submitting.The system processes your submission and returns you to the calendar. (To see a list of the events that you have submitted, click My Options on the menu bar and select View My Requests.)

Can I add an image? What size should it be?
Yes, but it should be no larger than 3x5 inches and it should be no more than 72 dpi. You can upload it by selecting Browse next to Add image on the submission page, navigating to the image on your computer and selecting upload.

How many calendars can I submit my events/ activity to?
The technology permits you to select all calendars; however many likely will be disapproved. School/unit calendar managers are asked not to approve events that are owned/hosted by another school/unit on their calendar unless the event is co-hosted, and managers for the activity calendars (Lecture, seminars, workshops, special events, etc.) are asked not to post items that are outside the scope of that activity. For example, an request to include an academic seminar on the athletic or alumni calendar should be denied.

How will I know if my event has been accepted?
When an event is approved or disapproved an e-mail is sent to the submitter to inform them of the decision.

How do I view requests I have submitted?
Click My Options in the menu bar and then View My Requests. Requests will be identified as Pending, Approved or Disapproved.

How do I change event information or edit a request?
Only requests that have not been approved can be changed/edited by the submitter. Click My Options in the menu bar and then View My Requests. Select the entry, click the pencil icon in the Actions column and make changes. For multi-date events, indicate whether all occurrences or only the occurrence being edited should be affected. Click Save.

Events that have been approved only may be changed/edited by the manager for that calendar. Select e-mail link(s) from list under the Calendar Managers link in the left column and send a Request for Change to managers for each calendar to which this item was submitted.

When can I expect my event to be posted?
An event is posted after it is approved by the calendar manager. The length of time may vary. Posting may be delayed by the need for additional information or clarification.

You also may request a delayed posting date when the item is submitted by specifying a future date.