How do I print an event?

Click the print icon below the menu bar on the left or use the universal print command for your computer. Within a selected Event Details window the print icon is the center icon in the upper left corner.

How do I subscribe to a calendar?
To receive a system-generated e-mail when events are added, changed or deleted from a specific calendar, click Subscribe to Calendar on the green menu bar. From the Calendar Subscription window, move the calendars to which you want to subscribe into the Selected Calendars box. Type your e-mail address and select the notifications you want. Click Subscribe. A message will appear that says a confirmation e-mail has been sent. Click Done. When you receive the e-mail, click the link to activate or edit your subscription. You will not receive event-related e-mails until you activate the subscription. Subscription e-mails are sent to subscribers once daily and can be cancelled at any time. To cancel a calendar subscription, follow the process above but click Unsubscribe.

How do I set up an e-mail reminder?
Within the Event Details window click the Set Reminder icon in the upper left corner. Enter your e-mail address and the advance notice you desire. Check the box to be reminded of each occurrence of the event. Click Set Reminder.

How do I add the event to a personal calendar?
Within the Event Details window click the Add to Personal Calendar icon in the upper left corner. At the File Download window, click OK. Review the displayed information, edit as needed and click to save and close.

How do I add RSS Feeds?
In the green menu bar click RSS Feeds to see a list of available RSS feeds to which you can point your newsreader. Click the orange RSS button and then add RSS feed to your reader and follow the prompts.