Who can see events? 
Public calendars can be viewed by anyone who visits the UAB Campus Calendar.

How do I view the calendar?
Click on the calendar name or check the box next to it and click the green View button located above the groupings.

How do I view a particular calendar?
When you click View Selected or the calendar name, the system displays the calendar in its default format (Day, Week, Month or Year) and default view. To change the format, click the appropriate word. To change the view, click List View or Grid View icons to the left of the format options.

How do I view multiple calendars?
Check the boxes beside the calendars you want to view and click the green View button. The "Combined Calendars" page lists all the events from each of the calendars you chose. You can also view all calendars by clicking View All.

How do I search for an event?
Click Search on the menu bar. Enter a date or date range, keyword or location to narrow the results by those entries. Indicate whether you are looking for events or special dates (holidays). Highlight the calendars to search, select one or more event types if appropriate and click Search. All the events that meet your criteria will be displayed. To sort, click a column heading. To learn more about an event, click its name.