Program Components and Requirements

The Experiential Learning Scholars Program (ELSP) builds upon the breadth of UAB’s academic offerings by providing opportunities for an increased depth of study not otherwise found in the typical undergraduate curriculum.

The main focus of the ELSP is to help students design a customized learning plan that intentionally enhances their existing academic course work and future ambitions with applicable, real-life experiences—a combination that better prepares students for real life success.

This enhanced learning experience is accomplished through a combination of ELSP required courses, approved honors enhanced courses, and a set of ELSP approved “experiences.”

Note to parents:
Since most of the coursework is fully integrated into each student’s curriculum, ELSP fits into any major without providing obstacles for program completion or on-time graduation.

Experiential Learning Scholars Program students are required to:

  • Complete EL 101 during the freshman fall semester
  • Complete the approved Honors College Leadership seminar course
  • Maintain a series of personal essays, yearly learning plans and reflective essays
  • Complete at least six approved experiential learning activities
  • Attend at least two approved ELSP campus participation activities per semester
  • Meet with ELSP director or approved staff member at least once per semester to discuss learning plan and program progression
  • Develop a portfolio documenting academic and experiential learning activities and maintain updates each semester
  • Create and present a senior thesis or capstone project during the senior year