Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, and Vision Plans

UAB currently offers three different medical plans, two dental options and one vision plan for eligible employees. Each plan offering is a stand-alone plan. This means you can elect medical, dental, or vision separately.

2013 - 2014 Plan Year Information

Medical Plan Links and Summary Booklets
2014 Plan Year Information
2014 UAB Health Care Benefits Comparison
2014 Medical & Dental Rates
2014 Viva UAB Summary Booklet
2014 Viva Access Summary Booklet
2014 Blue Cross Summary Booklet

2013 Plan Year Information
2013 UAB Health Care Benefits Comparison
2013 Medical & Dental Rates
2013 Viva UAB Summary Booklet
2013 Viva Access Summary Booklet
2013 Blue Cross Summary Booklet

Dental Plan Links and Summary Booklets
UAB is pleased to continue offering eligible employees a choice of two stand-alone dental plans (Basic or Comprehensive coverage) provided by MetLife. Employees who choose a dental plan are not required to choose additional health care or vision coverage. Premiums for dental insurance are pretax deductions from your paycheck.

MetLife dental plans are accepted nationwide, which means you can go to the dentist of your choice. In order to save more money on out-of-pocket expenses, MetLife does offer a Preferred Dental Provider (PDP) network. If you utilize a dentist who participates in the PDP network, you are guaranteed not to be charged more than the scheduled fees MetLife has agreed to pay to participating providers. These fees are typically 10% to 35% below average fees of dentists in your area.

For a full listing of network dental providers, including those from the UAB Dental School, please view the provider directory online at 1-800-GET-MET8

2014 Plan Year Information
2014 Summary of Basic Dental Benefits 
2014 Summary of Comprehensive Dental Benefits

2013 Plan Year Information
2013 Dental Brochure
2013 Summary of Basic Dental Benefits
2013 Summary of Comprehensive Dental Benefits

Definitions of Dependents & Documentation Required for Coverage

Pharmacy Information

Caremark, Inc.

Caremark Incorporated is the pharmacy benefit provider for all of UAB's medical plans. In order to receive coverage, an employee must be enrolled in UAB's medical plan. The cost of the pharmacy benefit is included in your medical insurance premium.

Caremark offers employees the convenience of ordering maintenance type prescriptions through their mail-order service. In order to encourage use of the mail-order program, a 90-day supply of medication can be filled at 2 times the retail co-pay for generic medications and 2.5 times the retail co-pay for preferred and non-preferred. Refills may be ordered over the web or by telephone.

90 Day Maintenance Medication Retail Program
In addition to your standard retail network options for immediate medication needs, you have the option of getting maintenance medications (84-90 day supply) at either a Retail-90 Network Pharmacy, or you can continue to fill these long-term medications for up to a 90-day supply through CVS/Caremark’s Mail Service Pharmacy. Examples of maintenance medications include those used to manage high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes or high cholesterol. The list of pharmacies participating in Retail-90 includes: Kirklin Clinic Pharmacy, UAB Highlands, CVS, Walgreens, Publix, Wal- Mart, Target, Winn-Dixie, Rite-Aid, Sam’s Club, plus many independent pharmacies.

Advantages of Mail Service
  • Enjoy convenient home delivery of long-term medications
  • Receive medication in confidential, tamper-resistant and (when necessary) temperature-controlled packaging
  • Talk to a pharmacist by phone
  • Cost savings for each 84-90 day supply

Advantages of Retail-90 Service
  • Enjoy the convenience of visiting one pharmacy for immediate and long-term medications
  • Choose the time and day that is convenient for you, including same-day prescription service
  • Talk face-to-face with a pharmacist

Caremark offers a wide selection of retail pharmacists for all your pharmacy needs. For a listing of co-pay amounts, please review the 2014 UAB Health Care Benefits Comparison.

Preferred Drug Lists

Viva UAB, VIVA Access and Blue Cross Blue Shield

Caremark continues to offer Web site access for use of covered members. It is called RxRequest. This feature allows you to experience the freedom of having the access to manage your personal pharmacy benefits such as prescription refills, checking benefit coverage, order status, and up to 13 months history of your mail service and retail prescription history. To utilize this great service please visit Caremark and register or login today.

Vision Information

The VSP plan offers employees coverage for routine eye exams, lenses and frames, contacts, and discounts for LASIK eye surgery.

Employees who are enrolled in Viva UAB or Viva Access medical and enroll in VSP vision would have primary vision coverage with VSP. If you are enrolled in Viva UAB or Viva Access medical, and elect to not participate in the VSP vision plan, Viva will continue to provide one eye exam every 12 months under the medical plan. Enrollment in a UAB medical or dental plan is not required to choose vision coverage. Premiums for the vision plan insurance are pretax deductions from your paycheck.

The new vision plan coverage is a nationwide plan that offers both in-network and out-of network coverage. UAB Eye Care, the University Optometric Group (private faculty practice group at UAB), and the UAB Department of Ophthalmology-Ophthalmology Services Foundation all participate in the VSP network. For a full listing of vision providers, including UAB affiliated providers; you can view the VSP listing online at

2014 Summary of VSP Vision Benefit  (VSP) – (800) 877-7195