Search Firm Guidelines

The goal of a successful search is to recruit the most qualified and diverse applicant pool available in order to select the best candidate to become a member of the UAB community. This guide has been created as a resource to assist departments when it is determined that the services of a search firm will be needed.

How does a department determine if a search firm is required?
Hiring a search firm may be beneficial when:
  • The search for qualified candidates is going to be difficult due to the unique job requirements, experience or credentials
  • The level of seniority or uniqueness of the position requires a nation-wide search
The Human Resources Consultants serve as the first point of contact for leadership/administration, staff and faculty in each area within UAB. They can provide assistance in some or all of the following functional areas: employment, employee relations, benefits, compensation, human resources, information systems, and training. They can assist with interpretation and implementation of Human Resource policies, procedures, laws and government regulations.   Each division/area/school within UAB and UAB Hospital has a designated consultant.
Below are the consultants and their assigned areas:
           hr consultants
Sharon Davis 975-7507
● College of Arts & Sciences School of Education
● School of Business
● School of Engineering

Sharon George 996-7587
Schools of:
● Nursing
● Public Health
● Health Professions
● Optometry
● Dentistry

Anne Graham 934-3471
● School of Medicine

Roland Harris 934-3341
● UAB Police
● Occupational Health & Safety
● Building Services
● Business Auxiliary Services
● Design Build Services
● Campus & Ground Services Central Utilities

Jeanell Hughes 975-0308
● President’s Office ● Office of the Provost
● Office of VP for Equity & Diversity
● Office of VP for Financial Affairs and Administration
● Office of Associate VP for Financial Affairs
● Office of VP for Information Technology

Doug Royal 934-2765
● Athletics Office of VP for Research & Economic Development
● Campus, Hospital & Elevator Maintenance
● Campus Planning
● A&E and Project Management Services
● Executive offices within Facilities

Anita Bonasera 934-3848
● Office of VP for Development,
●  Alumni & External Relations

Grant Cochrane 934-0325
Tammie Collins 934-8103
Greg Erwin 934-1736
Melissa Levesque 934-1364
Audrey McClinton 930-7102

Contact:  Benefits at (205) 934-3458 if you have additional questions. 


The Role of a Search Firm
The wide range of recruiting activities and functions of a search firm.

Responsibilities, interview example questions and UAB hiring resources you may find helpful.


How to Choose a Search Firm
Building the short-list of potential search firms and next steps once one is chosen.

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This guide is meant as a resource for those hiring a senior staff member and considering the assistance of a search firm. For information on using a search firm to hire a faculty member, please contact the Provost’s office.