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Bad Weather Childcare for Essential Status Employees

Bad Weather Childcare services are available to all essential status employees of UAB Hospital and Callahan Eye Hospital.

UAB Child Development Center, UAB Human Resources and UAB Hospital have put together a bad weather plan to assist essential employees, who are required to report to work, with childcare issues for children ages 7 and under in the event the Birmingham area experiences bad weather such as a winter storm and/or hurricane-like weather conditions.

Bad Weather Childcare is not available at all times and is only available once the hospital authorizes its use — typically during extended emergency closure of the UAB campus. The hospital will announce this to staff and inform the CDC that emergency childcare has been activated. Childcare typically takes place at the UAB Child Development Center, unless the center is without power. In that case, the Hospital will provide a space within the hospital for this care to occur.

What to Pack for Bad Weather Childcare Services

  • Wipes
  • Diapering cream (if needed)
  • Pacifier (if needed)
  • Ready-to-feed bottles
  • Baby food
  • Baby cereal
  • Favorite blanket or stuffed animal
  • Extra clothing
  • Port-a-crib
  • A few favorite (small) toys, rattles, shakers, teething toys, etc.
  • Sleeping bag or mat/blanket/pillow
  • Extra underwear, socks, shirt, etc.
  • Favorite stuffed animal, security blanket or other item
  • A favorite VHS video that is rated G or family viewing

The center will provide food and materials such as art supplies, games, toys, etc. However, if a child would like to bring items such as Legos, reading books or small electronic game, please write name on the items and pack in a backpack.

Emergency Childcare Enrollment

The UAB Child Development Center requires that child(ren) of essential hospital employees be pre-registered for bad weather care.

You must complete the enrollment form below, and submit a current blue immunization form (faxed blue cards are acceptable). You are not cleared for services until your enrollment package is complete and your child’s current blue card is on file in the CDC office.

Submit completed packages via fax to 205-975-7374, or mail to the UAB Child Development Center.

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