In 2016, UAB will be implementing Campus Kronos timekeeping software to be compliant with changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act. Please review this website for information regarding that transition.



July 10-Aug. 7, 2016

Training for nonexempt employees begins June 20 via online tutorial, featuring step-by-step instructions.
Utilization begins on July 10, when employees begin punching in and out of Kronos.
See the post-July 10 steps below:


Aug. 7-Dec. 1, 2016

Training for Org Timekeeper/Editors will begin Tuesday, Aug. 9. Org Timekeeper/Editors must attend one of the Org Timekeeper/Editors Orientation Sessions. Once attendance has been documented, access to the Campus KRONOS system will be granted.


Campus' KRONOS is a cloud-based system accessed via a website using a single sign-on. It will run under:

Windows 7-10 with the following minimum requirements: 

  • Windows minimum hardware specifications are sufficient
  • 100mb free space
  • Adobe Flash 15+
  • Web browser – IE11, Current – Chrome or Firefox

OSX with the following minimum requirements:

  • OSX 10.9 or 10.10 (10.11 is not referenced in their documentation)
  • 100mb free space
  • Adobe Flash 15+
  • Web browser – Safari  

Java is 1.8x is only needed for certain administrative functions in Campus Kronos usually done by UAB HR.