UAB Campus Minimum Wage $11 Change 
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the current minimum wage?
A: Currently, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 but for UAB, the minimum wage for 01 regular employees is currently $8.24.

Q: When was the last time UAB increased the minimum wage?
A: UAB last increased our minimum wage in 2007.

Q: What is the new minimum wage?
A: UAB and UAB Medicine will raise the minimum wage for regular employees to $11 per hour. UAB Medicine will raise the minimum wage for 02 and 04 irregular employees to $11 per hour, except for Temp Services employees who will move to $9.

Q: What is the effective date for this change?
A: The effective date will be March 20, 2016 and will be reflected on the April 8, 2016 pay check.

Q: Who is eligible for the move to $11?
A: Employees in 01 regular full-time status and 03 regular part-time status will be eligible for the change. Employees in UAB Medicine in 02 and 04 irregular status will be eligible for the change to $11. Employees in UAB Hospital in a Temp Services title will move to $9. 

Q: Will students move to the new minimum wage?
A: There will be no change to student pay rates. The minimum wage for students will remain at the federal minimum wage level consistent with other colleges and universities.

Q: Who is considered a student?
A: Students include those in category 06 Student, 11 Work Study and those student employees in job title Non-UAB Student Asst.

Q: How many current employees will this affect?
A: UAB has more than 1,100 current employees expected to benefit directly from this increase when it goes into effect.

Q: Will compression be addressed for all employees?
A: Compression will be addressed for UAB Medicine in July 2016. For the University, the soonest compression might be addressed is in October at the beginning of FY17. The FY17 Compensation Guidelines published in June will provide guidance.

Q: Will ACT documents have to be processed for all employees to receive an adjustment to $11?
A: ACT documents for these adjustments will be processed centrally and bypass user approvals.

Q: Will I be allowed to adjust my temporary employees to $11 in March if I have the dollars in my budget to cover?
A: Yes. You will need to create the ACT document for your temporary employees using a March 20, 2016, effective date and document reason of Salary Schedule Adjustment.

Q: Will salary ranges change?
A: Salary ranges will change for FY17 and be distributed with FY17 Compensation Guidelines.

Q: For a vacant position that has been budgeted below $11/hr, does the department now use $11 as the new rate in filling out the recruitment request?
A: Yes. $11 is the new minimum hiring rate for 01 regular full-time and 03 regular part-time.