wellness stress management smallWe feel stress when we are asked to handle more than we are accustomed or capable of managing.  Some stress is normal and can help enhance our effectiveness or performance.  Too much stress can lead to headaches, an upset stomach, back pain, and a weakened immune system, making it harder to stay healthy.

UAB has resources in place to help you manage stress by:

  • Identifying the source of stress in your life.
  • Identifying solutions to help you reduce the amount of stress in your life.
  • Teach you healthy ways to relieve stress or reduce its negative effects on you.

Stress Management Resources Available For UAB Faculty And Staff:

The Employee Assistance and Counseling Center is a counseling and employee assistance program designed to provide employees and their families with resources for resolving work-related and personal problems. We provide individual, couples and family counseling to assist our clients in clarifying issues, exploring options, and finding solutions. UAB and UAB Health System employees and family members may see a Employee Assistance and Counseling Center counselor up to 12 times per calendar year.
For more information on the Employee Assistance and Counseling Center/EAP support.

Free Mindfulness Meditation, T’ai Chi, and Yoga Classes available at UAB

Research has shown that activities like Meditation, Yoga, and T'ai Chi are among the best ways available to deal with stress, to improve the clarity of your thinking, and to increase your level of satisfaction with life. Classes are offered by The Employee Assistance and Counseling Center/Employee Assistance Program at no cost and are open to all UAB and UAB Health System employees and their immediate family members.
Schedule of Upcoming Classes

Pastoral LogoUAB Pastoral Care Employee Services

The Pastoral Care Department supports UAB Hospital Employees through one-one-one meetings as well as large and small groups tailored to your needs.


  • One-on-One: Sometimes you need to talk with someone confidentially because of situations or various life transitions in your personal or professional life.  A Chaplain is available to listen to you on your unit or in our office.  You may page the On Call Chaplain or page a specific Chaplain.
  • In-Service: A Chaplain can lead small group education sessions for your unit on improving patient satisfaction in emotional and spiritual support, self-care, dealing with grief, and many other topics.  Ask the chaplain assigned to your unit, or call 4.4254, or use the Contact Us form.
  • Celebration of Life Services: Since UAB is Alabama’s largest employer with over 18,000 employees, sometimes one of our co-workers dies and we want to honor them with our colleagues.  A special service can be planned that is appropriate for the situation.  Ask the chaplain assigned to your unit, or call 4.4254, or use the Contact Us form.
  • Pastoral Care Webinars — A great way to learn with our professional chaplain team as we participate in the Association of Professional Chaplains’ webinar series on relevant topics of interest.
    List of upcoming webinars.

Spaces for Quiet Mediation:

  • Interfaith Chapel (1st Floor West Pavilion)
  • Sanctuary Room (2nd Floor North Pavilion)
  • Women/Infants Chapel (2nd Floor WIC)
  • UAB Highlands Chapel (4th Floor Highlands)

For more information, contact:  UAB Pastoral Care Services