Here are some of the most common Human Resources tools requested by managers.

Human Resources Forms
A comprehensive list of all forms used by UAB Human Resources departments.

Taleo Recruiting
The New Taleo Recruiting System will support the campus and hospital recruiting needs in a simplified, integrated, and employee-oriented support application.  

eLAS is a web based application designed to provide the UAB community with a methodology for managing/tracking the benefit time accruals and usage for monthly paid employees.

Employee/Supervisor Checklist
Use this checklist to make sure that you complete all the tasks and have all the information you need to be comfortable and productive in your new job at UAB. Some of the tasks include completing additional checklists with your supervisor and your HR consultant.

Federal and State Mandated Posters
Links to important documents issued by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Job Description Builder 
View All UAB Job Descriptions.
Log-In:; Password:  Blazers1 (case sensitive)

Leaves of Absence
Visit this page for information and answers to the questions you may have about approved leaves with and without pay.

OJI (On-the-job Injury)
The OJI/Illness Program is responsible for coordination of benefits payable (medical expenses and lost wages) to any employee who may have an injury/illness sustained in the course of, and arising out of, employment at UAB. 

Performance Management
UAB is dedicated to helping our employees succeed by ensuring that goals are consistently met in an efficient and effective way. Performance management helps UAB to focus both employee results and behavior on positive outcomes. This guide focuses on the continuous performance management process and it is made available in the UAB Faculty and Staff Learning System. After logging into the learning system, search for "performance management."

Policies and Procedures
The UAB Policies and procedures Library is a repository of all current university-wide policies and associated procedures.

AWARE (Assistance for employees with disabilities)
The AWARE Program provides disability-management services when an employee’s job is affected by a physical, mental, or emotional impairment. 

SuccessFactors  Performance Management Tool, *Login with blazerid and strong password.  Quick Reference Guide

Temporary Employment
Temporary Service is an internal employment service established to assist departments with temporary employment needs. Temporary Service offers a reserve of competent clerical/secretarial, technical, service and professional personnel to fill the short-term temporary needs of requesting departments.

You and UAB Handbook for Faculty and Staff
The purpose of this handbook is to describe UAB's administrative policies and procedures which affect employees. The information in it will help you to become familiar with UAB's employment practices, benefits, privileges offered, employee responsibilities, and many of the official UAB policies and guidelines relating to you as an employee.

Employee Exit Survey
Short survey used to gather information from separating personnel.  *No log-in required. 

ONE Card Request Form
This form should be used to request a new or replacement ID/Access Badge for an employee. 

ONE Card Review Application
Review and propose edits to the information on an employee's ID/Access Badge prior to having it printed. 

Search Firm Guidelines
The goal of a successful search is to recruit the most qualified and diverse applicant pool available in order to select the best candidate to become a member of the UAB community. This guide has been created as a resource to assist departments when it is determined that the services of a search firm will be needed.  

Hospital Attendance Policy Worksheet
With the implementation of the new hospital attendance policy, we have developed this worksheet for managers to keep track of attendance.