Definition of Dependents:

Spouse: Your lawful spouse (includes a common law spouse in the State of Alabama)

Sponsored Adult Dependent: A sponsored adult dependent is not a relative, is at least 19 years of age, shares a primary residence and has lived with you not as a renter, boarder, tenant or employee for at least twelve months prior to the effective date of coverage.

Children/Student/Disabled Dependent: Your child* up to age 26; Your child* of any age who is incapable of self-sustaining employment by reasons of mental or physical handicap, has been deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration, and is chiefly dependent on you for economic support and maintenance.

*A child is defined as your, your spouse’s or your sponsored adult dependent’s natural child, legally adopted child (including child placed for adoption) or a child in your permanent legal custody. Your, your spouse’s or your sponsored adult dependent’s child of a divorce can be covered as long as a qualified court decree requires you, your spouse, or your sponsored adult dependent to be financially responsible for health care.