Code Blaze is designed to minimize stress for UAB and UAB Medicine employees.

Through the Code Blaze program, the Employee Assistance & Counseling Center provides community and online resources that may help employees address the issues they are facing in their search for successful work/life integration. It also provides extensive stress management resources for solving stressful situations, relaxation and techniques for managing difficult emotions frequently experienced by direct care providers. 

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Code Blaze Quiet Room

Code Blaze Quiet Rooms are designated quiet areas where UAB employees can rest and recharge. The first quiet room opened in March 2017 on the third floor of the UAB Women & Infants Center to afford RNICU employees an opportunity for relief in moments of stress. A second quiet room location is scheduled to open in the EACC office at Magnolia Office Park in winter 2017.


The Stress Management Initiative for Lifestyle Enhancement (SMILE) is a resilience-training program that teaches employees integrated mindfulness skills for quickly bouncing back from stress. Skills including meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, restorative yoga, strategies for healthy habits and identification and management of stress triggers will be offered online and in person starting in later this year.


Code Blaze committee members are: Tami Long, MA, LPC (Doctoral Candidate), Program Coordinator, EACC; Anne Hilbers, Ph.D, Director, EACC, UAB EACC Clinical Team; Sandra Frazier, M.D., Director, UAB Professional Development Office; Malcolm Marler, D.Min., Director UAB Pastoral Care; Anne Kerr-Brown, Program Administrator II, UAB Wellness; Tavia Sorrell, Ed.D., Learning Management Administrator, HRM Organizational Learning & Development; Jeannie Singer, Director of Sourcing and Workplace Development; Sharon Lane, HRM Nurse Recruiter, Hospital Human Resources; Drexel Rayford, Ph.D., Support Team Network Manager, UAB Pastoral Care; and Kristen Noles, MSN, Nurse Manager, Transplant and General Surgical Services.