UAB receives on average, 170,000 applications annually for 3,700 jobs. The current applicant tracking process spans multiple organizational units and systems. Ownership of the process is shared between functional areas and systems.  While some constraints are organizational, others are system driven.  The BlazerJobs project was initiated in January 2014 to evaluate and implement a unified and integrated applicant tracking system that would help UAB attract and recruit top talent.

Project Vision: Implement a system that simplifies the process and optimizes technology as we attract and recruit top talent.

After a review of several vendors and solutions, it was concluded that the Taleo Applicant Tracking solution provided the most business value for a number of reasons which include:
  • A simplified and integrated application centered around the applicant experience
  • Integrated application
  • Process Improvement
  • A Unified system for all applicants

Proposed Key Changes

    1. CRF Upgrade – Current technology platform has limited capabilities and usability. An upgraded CRF on a new technology platform designed around the user experience will have significant process efficiencies and a connection capabilities with the ATS system
    2. Streamline Processes within ATS (Post, Recruit, Select and Hire) – Current Process has many manual steps, some of which are separate for Hospital vs Campus. Many of the current limitations are a result of current system implementation.  An upgraded ATS will help with:
    3. Improved Candidate Experience
    4. Improved Manager and Recruiter Experience and process flow
    5. Streamline Onboarding Experience – Current Onboarding process is disjointed at many locations and does not have a single point of convergence for the employee or hiring manger. Building an employee portal will be a first step towards improving this.
    6. Faculty Hire - Faculty Hire process is completely outside of our current system. Including them as part of the process will help with process efficiencies and metrics.
    7. Job Description Builder (JDB) Process - Current process is manual. Need a new platform


UAB is currently implementing a new, more robust, and user-friendly Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  This website provides important information on the system and how to use it efficiently.

HR Supervisor Field Implementation

UAB HR will capture supervisor information for all UAB employees at the assignment level. The supervisor field will be documented for all employees regardless of their employment category.

The HR Supervisor data is a vital component of UAB’s compliance and HR needs moving forward. The Supervisor Field will help to streamline several processes and reporting needs, including performance evaluations, compliance and training, on-boarding, emergency contact for employee relations, general HR administration, and technology needs.

The Supervisor Field will be required on certain ACT documents starting October 27, 2014.
Our goal is to have a supervisor identified and populated in the system for all employment categories except 06,11,46,59,60,99 by December 31, 2014. 
HR Supervisor Graphic