HR Benevolent Fund Weekly Winners

Congratulations to our winners!

Rebecca Bowen - Recruitment Services won a free oil change & tire rotation from Goodyear

Ginny Pelliccio - Benefits won two Chick Fil A food vouchers

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If you have questions during the campaign, please feel free to contact either

Erika Mack

Doug Royal

HR Visionaries

visionariesFrom left to right:  Carrie May Ezell-EACC, Cliff Walker III-Compensation, Donna Blackburn-CDC, Doug Royal-Employee Relations, Linda Warren-Hospital HR, Jason Womack-HR Information Systems, Jenna Blythe-Tjia-Recruitment Services, Erika Mack-HR Records, Cathy Tanner-CHRO/Employee Wellness, Sharon Brennan-Benefits and (not pictured) Kay Kirk-OL&D.

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