Users log on to the Oracle Administrative System using a BlazerID and strong password, but what a user is able to access within Oracle is based on their Responsibilities. "Responsibility" is the term used to identify the sets of web pages, menu options, forms, data, and reports that users can use within the system. Some Responsibilities are set up automatically for the users based on certain criteria, and other Responsibilities must be set up with the Access Control Form (ACF).

In addition to Access Responsibilities, employees may be assigned certain Administrative Roles to view/update data and receive notifications and reports.

Blazer ID and Strong Password

Anyone needing access to Oracle must have their own BlazerID and a strong password. After the ACT hire document has reached a complete status, an overnight process adds the individual to the UAB Electronic Campus Directory, which is used to validate requests for BlazerIDs.

If the individual does not have a BlazerID, they can easily obtain one by accessing the BlazerID Central website.

After entering the BlazerID and Password, users must accept the "Sign on Agreement" to gain access to the system. The Sign on Agreement references the Oracle Access Agreements for Employees.



Click on the below link to view Oracle HR and FN responsibilities.

Oracle HR and FN System Access Summary Chart


How are Responsibilities requested, modified, or terminated?

The Access Control Form (ACF) is used to request, change, and terminate access responsibilities for an employee. Please click on the link below for information on requesting, changing, and terminating system access.

Request, Change, Terminate Responsibilities Information


Administrative Systems Roles

Various roles can be assigned to an employees to maintain, view, retrieve, and receive specified reports. Click on the below link for description of these roles.

Administrative Systems Roles Summary Table

Thank you for attending the HR Partners Across UAB Meeting on Sept. 22, 2015. 

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Additional materials:
eNotify Flyer RedFlag Notification

Welcome Letter | Employee Parking | Benefits | Blazer Express | Bi-weekly Paid Employees Only | Employee Handbook

Welcome from UAB Chief Nursing Officer & Senior Associate VP

I want to welcome you to UAB Hospital. Whether this is your first employment or you are an experienced professional, our goal is to help you transition into your new role at UAB. 

To achieve this goal, we strive to individualize your orientation, nurses and patient care technicians will have approximately one week of orientation. During this time, you will learn important UAB policies and procedures and review skills and nursing care. We use a combination of structured learning activities such as the classroom setting, online learning, and simulation.

Once general orientation is complete, you will continue orientation on your unit. In addition, for new nursing graduates, we have a Nurse Residency program, which consists of quarterly sessions designed to help you transition into professional nursing practice. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. For any other questions, you may contact the Center for Nursing Excellence at 205-996-5713. 

Again, on behalf of UAB Nursing Services, I welcome you. 


terri poe sig
Terri Poe, DNP, RN, NE-BC
Chief Nursing Officer
Senior Associated Vice President

View a PDF version of this letter.

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Employee Parking

Employee Parking


608 8th St. S.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE BRING YOUR LICENSE PLATE NUMBER in order to apply for parking in orientation. If you would like to apply for parking at orientation and do not know your license plate number, you will need to return to your car and get it when told to do so.

All UAB Employees are given the opportunity to apply for parking through UAB Parking Services. You may request either Remote or Deck parking. Specific lots and decks are assigned to you by the parking services office.

Remote Parking ($11/month)

  1. Remote 1: located at 608 8th St. S.
  2. Remote 2: located at 500 12th St. S.

Remote lots have a shuttle service that operate from 5:35 a.m. – 6:45 a.m. weekdays. After 6:45 PM, the Escort shuttle can take employees to the Remote lot.

Deck Parking ($50/month)

  1. Parking in Deck 5A: 5th Ave. between 19th and 20th St. S.
  2. Parking Deck 19S: 9th Ave. and 19th St. S.
  3. Parking Deck 9A: 9th Ave. between 16th and 17th St. S.
  4. Parking Deck 10A: 10th Ave. and 19th Street

Wait lists are available for decks that are full.  You must call the Parking Services office to be placed on the waiting list for the deck of your choice.  

Part-time employee rates for decks are $25/month.

All parking charges are payroll deducted, pre-tax.

UAB Hospital Parking/Transportation FAQ: Apply for parking online or print and fill out this form to apply at orientation.

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Benefits Summary for UAB Hospital Management LLC Employees

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Blazer Express

The UAB Blazer Express Transit System is a service operating under the Business & Auxiliary Services department that provides transportation throughout the University campus. With a valid UAB ID badge, students, employees, and authorized visitors can enjoy fare-free bus transportation along 6 designated routes. All buses are ADA-accessible and can seat approximately 35 riders.

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 Bi-Weekly Paid Employees Only

Below are instructions on how to clock in/out using the Kronos Time Clock.  If you have questions, please contact your Manager.

How to Use the Time Clock

The Kronos clocks have a badge scanner below or beside the clock that tells it who is clocking in and out.

  1. Hold your ID badge over the scanner to clock.
  2. A good punch will give you a green light and you will hear a single “beep” from the clock, and your name will be displayed.

If the clock does not get a good punch, you will hear beeping coming from the clock. Check the clock screen for an error message. Try swiping the clock again. If you still don’t see the green light, contact your manager or supervisor immediately.

  • Physical
  • Drug screen (to include nicotine/tobacco screen)


Re-allocation or a transfer to another unit other than your home unit is done by locating the unit name on the green display screen and then by pressing the blue button next to the name. At some clocks the unit name may be on the next screen. If the unit name is on the next screen press the blue more button. The display will prompt you to swipe your badge. This process is followed to return to your home unit after a re-allocation or other activity such as Education or Meeting. A single swipe with your badge will clock you out. Please do not Review Punches during a shift change when there are a number of employees trying to clock in or out.

Clocking in/out on a restricted clock

There are several restricted time clocks in the Hospital. If a restricted clock is your home clock you should not have a problem clocking in/out. If you do have a problem, contact your Manager or Supervisor. If you are reallocated to use a restricted clock, please follow the instruction below. Also, a copy of these instructions is posted by each restricted time clock.

Clocking Instructions for Reallocated Employees Only

Please follow the before instructions for Transferring using this restricted clock. If this is not your home clock you will not be able to clock in on this clock unless you are reallocated.

Clocking in:

  1. Select the correct blue Transfer key on the display screen
  2. Arrow down using the down arrow key to Enter Badge ID and swipe your badge.
  3. This will clock you in. See steps below to clock out.

Clocking out:

  1. Select the correct Transfer key again on the display screen
  2. Arrow down using the down arrow key to Department Account Number and hit the CLR button.
  3. Arrow down using the down arrow key to Activity and hit the CLR button.
  4. Arrow down using the down arrow key to Enter Badge ID and swipe out.
  5. This will clock you out.
Click here for PDF instructions on using the Kronos time clock.

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Employee Handbook

UAB offers its faculty and staff a wide variety of resources, services and benefits. Take a moment to view the You & UAB Handbook.

ONE Intranet website

One of your greatest resources as a new employee is going to be the ONE intranet site. UAB Medicine has made it esay for you to find information or everything from your benefits to our culture. You can search for information as well as access commonly used online systems from this website. This may be the only resource you need.

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Pre-hire Paperwork | I9 | American Heart Association BLS | Pre-hire TB Skin Testing, Immunizations & Fit Testing | Pre-hire Physical | Background Consent | Blazer ID | Employee ID Badge

What do I need to bring with me to complete the Pre-hire paperwork?

  • Section 1 of the I9 form completed online. Please bring the required and previously identified supporting documentation with you when you arrive for your appointment. A list of the acceptable documents needed is available for review while you are in the I-9 system
  • Updated American Heart Association BLS
  • An up-to-date TB test.*
  • Immunization records.
  • Fit Testing- N95 Respirator (Mask) Fit Testing
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  • Prior to your appointment you should receive two emails from Human Resources regarding our online Form I-9. The first email will provide your Login Name and a link to the form. The second email will provide your password. You may want to check your junk/spam folder as well for these emails.
  • You will need to complete Section 1 of the I-9 form and identify the documents you will use to verify your identity.
  • Please bring the required and previously identified supporting documentation with you when you arrive for your appointment. A list of the acceptable documents needed is available for review while you are in the E-Verify system.
  • Form I-9- UAB is an E-Verify employer. The Form I-9 is used to verify both the identity and United States work eligibility of all employees.
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American Heart Association BLS

Please update your American Heart Association BLS prior to orientation if it is going to expire prior to orientation. You may email if you would like to inquire about BLS classes offered at UAB.

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Pre-hire TB Skin Testings, Immunizations & Fit Testing

UAB Employee Health

TB Skin Test

  • TB Skin Testing - If you have an up-to-date TB test, please bring it with you. Otherwise, you will be required to have a TB skin test performed, which requires a follow-up reading.
  • If you do require a follow-up reading, you will need to return to Employee Health at an appointed date between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to have your TB skin test read and be cleared for employment.


You also will need to bring your immunization records.
Fit-Testing - N95 Respirator (Mask) Fit-Testing
  • UAB Hospital has patients on Airborne Precautions and as an employee you may be required to enter these rooms. A N95 respirator must be worn when in contact with these patients. A N95 fit test is a process of fitting the employee with a NIOSH approved N95 respirator in order to educate and prepare the employee for safe respirator use.
  • This process is completed in accordance with OSHA standards and per OSHA, no one with facial hair can be fit tested.
  • The employee should not eat, drink (except plain water), smoke, or chew gum for 15 minutes prior to fit test.
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 Pre-hire Physical

The Workplace


Your appointment time for your physical is provided in the email sent by UAB Hospital Recruiter. After you have completed you paperwork, etc. in Hospital HR you will proceed to The Workplace at UAB Highlands for the following:

  • Physical
  • Drug screen (to include nicotine/tobacco screen)

Click here for Instructions on how to take the Blazer Express bus system to The Workplace at UAB Highlands. More Information on routes can also be found here. The Green Route stops at UAB Highlands.

If you prefer to take your own transportation, parking is available and you may click here for directions to The Workplace at UAB Highlands.

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Background Consent

If a Background check is needed, the Recruiter will send you an email for your consent to Background Check. Please follow these steps to complete the consent:

  1. Use the link within the email to access the consent. You will not be able to access your consent from the main career site.
  2. Log in to this site using the same log in name and password you used to create your profile on the UAB Career site.
  3. Review your profile information and make any needed changes and then click Save & Continue through each section and click submit on the final page in order to complete the background consent.
  4. Notify your Recruiter via email that you have completed the consent.

Note to candidate: Please take this opportunity to ensure all information is correct and up-to-date.  Your name on the submission should match your Social Security Card, permanent resident card or alien registration card. Also be sure the box labeled “The employer may be contacted” is checked for each work entry that you give permission to UAB to confirm in your background check. Mistakes in your submission may delay the background check results.

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Blazer ID

All UAB employees are required to have an employee identifier called the UAB Blazer ID which allows you to access a number of UAB services. You will receive an email with instructions on setting up your Blazer ID.

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Employee ID Badge

It is possible you will start the process for getting your employee ID made and this will require you to have a photograph made.

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