We are pleased to introduce a new Applicant Tracking System, called Taleo to UAB. 

Proposed Key Changes
  1. CRF Upgrade – Current technology platform has limited capabilities and usability. An upgraded CRF on a new technology platform designed around the user experience will have significant process efficiencies and a connection capabilities with the ATS system
  2. Streamline Processes within ATS (Post, Recruit, Select and Hire) – Current Process has many manual steps, some of which are separate for Hospital vs Campus. Many of the current limitations are a result of current system implementation.  An upgraded ATS will help with:
  3. Improved Candidate Experience
  4. Improved Manager and Recruiter Experience and process flow
  5. Streamline Onboarding Experience – Current Onboarding process is disjointed at many locations and does not have a single point of convergence for the employee or hiring manger. Building an employee portal will be a first step towards improving this.
  6. Faculty Hire - Faculty Hire process is completely outside of our current system. Including them as part of the process will help with process efficiencies and metrics.
  7. Job Description Builder (JDB) Process - Current process is manual. Need a new platform
Training Materials and Schedule
  1. Recruiter & Consultant
    • Training Schedule
    • Training Manual
    • FAQs
  2. Hiring Manager
    • Training Schedule
    • Training Manual
    • FAQs
How does this transition affect me...
  • As a manager?
  • As a recruiter?
  • As a consultant?
  • As an employee?
  • As an applicant?

HR Supervisor Field Implementation

UAB HR will capture supervisor information for all UAB employees at the assignment level. The supervisor field will be documented for all employees regardless of their employment category.

The HR Supervisor data is a vital component of UAB’s compliance and HR needs moving forward. The Supervisor Field will help to streamline several processes and reporting needs, including performance evaluations, compliance and training, on-boarding, emergency contact for employee relations, general HR administration, and technology needs.

The Supervisor Field will be required on certain ACT documents starting October 27, 2014.
Our goal is to have a supervisor identified and populated in the system for all employment categories except 06,11,46,59,60,99 by December 31, 2014. 
HR Supervisor Graphic

Health - Mental Health Resources

Other Resources in the Birmingham area include:

Crisis Center of Birmingham

The Crisis Center, a United Way of Central Alabama agency, provides 24-hour, 365 day per year support, crisis and suicide intervention, community information and referrals.

UAB Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center
UAB Community Psychiatry
908 20th Street South
205-934-4108 or
Access line (205) 934-7008

The Center for Psychiatric Medicine
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Alcohol And Drug Abuse Council
1923 14th Avenue South
UAB Addiction Recovery Program
1802 6th Avenue South

Catholic Family Services
2164 11th Avenue South

Samaritan Counseling Center
100 Missionary Ridge Drive
Birmingham, AL 35242

205 967 3660 Phone:
205 991 4021 FAX:
E-mail: info@samaritancc.org

Western Mental Health Center
Western Mental Health Center
1701 Avenue Drive
Birmingham, AL    35218
(205) 788-7770

2-1-1 Connects Alabama
An online resource of United Way supported services in Alabama.
National Institute of Mental Health: 
An online list of local facilities in the Birmingham area. 


  • Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network:  RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization.

  • SparkPeople A leading online preventive healthy lifestyle and food site whose goal is to help as many people as possible reach their goals and lead meaningful lives. All of the SparkPeople programs and services are medically sound, completely free of charge, community-based and accessible. In the areas of health, fitness, goal-setting and leadership, SparkPeople helps people discover what will truly motivate them to reach their goals.

    National Directory of Resources: