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  • Apply to Jobs with your BlazerID and Password - With Taleo, UAB employees can login, update profile information, and apply to jobs using their BlazerID and password. Current employees will also be able to view and apply to jobs posted internally as well.
Beginning Friday, April 17, the new PAR/CRF form will be used to post new/vacant positions through Taleo or to make compensation requests to the Compensation organization.

Click here for training documentation to help you complete the form. 
Click here for instructions on How To Approve in the new PAR/CRF.


What is the new PAR/CRF?

In an effort to move to a more forward-looking recruiting system, the current CRF is being replaced with the new PAR/CRF, which is more user-friendly and on a different platform allowing it to interface with the new Taleo Recruiting System.The acronym PAR/CRF stands for Position Authorization Request/Compensation Request Form.

Is there a new URL that is needed to access the new PAR/CRF form?

No, you will continue to access the PAR/CRF form using the same URL that you do now.  If issuing a PAR/CRF form is a new process for your department, the URL can be found on the HR website under HR Forms.

What happens to my CRFs that are currently pending?

All CRFs (Classify new, Reclassify Vacant) that will have been approved by the Compensation Staff by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 16 will automatically be posted on the new Taleo Recruiting System.  All pending requests will be moved to Taleo manually in subsequent loads after the April 20 system go-live date.  Your HR Consultant or Compensation Analyst will contact you to discuss any requests pending after 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 16.

Is there any training available?

A quick training document is provided for your reference: PAR/CRF Training Document

Classroom training is also available during the Taleo Hiring Manager trainings.  Visit the LMS for a current schedule and to register for a class.

What do I do if I have problems issuing the new PAR/CRF?

If you have problems with the new PAR/CRF or any additional questions, please contact your Compensation Analyst or HR Consultant.

Temp Services:

Will we still use the paper form to request a temporary employee?

No, it will now be you or your department representative’s responsibility to submit the electronic PAR/CRF.  Select the Temporary Request Form.  Please see the Recruiting System webpage to review training documents and/or register for a training session.

Hospital RMS Orgs:

Will the process for submitting Personnel Action (PA) Form to RMS change with the PAR/CRF form?

No, you will continue to submit your PA to RMS, and RMS will enter the information into the CRF/PAR system.  You do not need to log in to the CRF/PAR system if RMS creates your requisitions for you. 

Will I have any need to use the new PAR/CRF?

Only if you have a compensation related request.  For all recruitment related actions, please continue to work with RMS.

Hospital Orgs not supported through RMS :

What is the PAR/CRF?

The PAR/CRF is an electronic version of the old PRF paper form. The acronym PAR/CRF stands for Position Authorization Request/Compensation Request Form.

Why is this changing and what is the benefit?

In an effort to move to a more forward-looking recruiting system, the current paper PRF is being replaced with the electronic PAR/CRF allowing it to interface with the new Taleo Recruiting System. Read more about the project here.

How will the approvals be captured?

Approvals will be captured electronically.  The approval sequence will be determined by the approvers set up in WAM for document type ‘CRF’. These have been already set up for all the orgs. For questions related to WAM, please contact your organizations’ Workflow Officer.

How long will our paper Position Requisition Form (PRF) continue to be supported?

Hospital HR will continue to accept paper PRFs till 2:00 p.m. April 16.  All requests after that deadline will need to be entered via the new PAR/CRF form.

What about Position Changes that are currently handled by the PRF Form?

These will continue to be handled by the current paper form for now.

Where can I learn more about the new PAR/CRF?

Please see the Recruiting System web page  to review training documents and/or register for a training session. Additional FAQs can be found here.

I still have a lot of unanswered questions, who do I talk to?

You can talk to Personnel support services, or your HR recruiter and they can help answer any additional questions.

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handpaw week2

Hand in Paw
is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. HIP's 150 professionally-trained volunteers help improve people’s day to day lives at numerous facilities throughout Central Alabama. The mission of Hand in Paw is to improve the health and well-being of children and adults by serving those with physical, emotional, educational, or psychological needs through interactions with professionally-trained Animal-Assisted Therapy Teams.

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habitat week1
IMAGINE WHAT WE CAN DO... 2014 Habitat house sponsored by UAB. HR employees participated in building this new home La’Tasha Willis and her daughters, Lyric and Alexis. On November 10, 2014, they received the keys to their new house in the Pratt City community of Birmingham. For more information about this project, please visit the UAB Habitat House Website.


This year we are encouraging everyone to give or to keep giving! Click here to view previous winners and their prizes.

Note: Everyone who contributes during the campaign, or continues their continuous gift, will be eligible for drawings during the end of the campaign party; scheduled for Friday, April 10. More details regarding this celebration to come.

In order to encourage participation in this year’s HR campaign, we have sourced some great prizes that we will give away each week. Here are the rules of the game: 
  • The drawings are open only to HR employees
  • We will hold two drawings each week for three weeks. The winners will be drawn each Friday morning and announced via the HR Benevolent fund website
  • The first drawing will be Friday, March 6
  • To get your name in the drawing, you must do one of the following:
    • Pledge to become a first time Continuous Giver. This is someone who pledges either to give one hour pay per month, one percent of your pay per month or by donating a fixed amount per month. 
    • Pledge to give to any one-time gift (this could include UAB Habitat House). The amount of the one-time gift has to be $5 or greater
  • Turn your pledge form in to your Visionary team member. The Visionary will turn all pledges in every week by Thursday, 4pm. For additional pledge forms, please see your Visionary team member.
  • If you make a contribution online, please forward the verification email you receive to your Visionary team member so that we can ensure you are included in the drawings
  • Cash and Check can be accepted, but a pledge form will need to be filled out and turned in with your money.
  • If your name is pulled multiple times during the weekly drawings, you will win only the prize associated with the "first" time your name is pulled. The same individual cannot win more than one time during the weekly drawings. HOWEVER, each weekly winner will be eligible to participate in the drawings that will be held during the end of the campaign party (Date TBD).

A sample of the prizes are listed below:

  • Free Oil change and tire rotation from Good Year
  • 3-month pass to the UAB Campus Recreation Center
  • $10 gift card to Newk's
  • Fantastic Five food vouchers (to be used in UAB Hospital)
  • Athletic Gift Basket
  • Chick Fil A food vouchers
  • Complimentary one night stay at Town Place Suites Marriot in Homewood