Q: Why is this change taking place?
A: On May 18, 2016, the Department of Labor announced the publication of the final rule updating overtime regulations. This rule revised the criteria which determines exemption status under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Q: What effect does this change have on an employee’s benefit status?
A: All employees who will move from exempt to nonexempt status to comply with the new FLSA regulations will be grandfathered with respect to UAB employee benefits. This will allow these employees to keep their existing benefits. Specifically, these apply to:

Vacation accrual rates

  • All employees who will move from exempt to nonexempt status to comply with the new FLSA regulations will continue to accrue vacation at the rate of an exempt employee, based on years of service.
  • If that employee changes positions voluntarily in the future, the grandfathering will no longer apply.
  • If that employee changes positions involuntarily, the grandfathering will still apply.

403(b) Plan UAB employer match

  • Eligible for employer match regardless of current participation status
  • If that employee changes positions voluntarily in the future, the grandfathering will no longer apply.
  • If that employee changes positions involuntarily, the grandfathering will still apply. Details on benefits plans can be found at https://www.uab.edu/humanresources/home/benefits/employee-benefits-overview

Q: When are the payroll-related dates for those employees moving from exempt to nonexempt on Oct. 2, 2016?
These are the dates for payroll changes for those employees:

  • Last check date as an exempt employee: Sept. 30, 2016 (monthly payroll pay date)
  • First day to clock in using KRONOS as nonexempt employee: first day at work on or after Oct. 2, 2016
  • First check date as a nonexempt employee: Oct. 21, 2016 (assuming they have worked the biweekly period Oct. 2-15, 2016)

The UAB biweekly payroll calendar can be found here.

Please direct questions regarding these FAQs to your manager, personnel officer, HR Consultant or HR Compensation.

Nonexempt Employee Training and Instruction:

Nonexempt employee KRONOS "punching in and out" instructions (PDF)

Nonexempt employee KRONOS "punching in and out" tutorial (PowerPoint - To ensure a quick download, please choose "save" rather than "open)

Oracle TEL Document Processing Instructions

Org Timekeeper/Editor Training and Instruction:

Org Timekeeper/Editor Reference Guide (PDF)

Org Timekeeper/Editor Orientation Session Presentation (PDF)

Timekeeper Editor Adding Lunch Punches (PDF)

Quick Guide and Forms:

30-Minute Autodeduct Lunch Rule Quick Guide (PDF)

7-Minute Rounding Rule Quick Guide (PDF)

Lunch/Break Rounding Rule Quick Guide(PDF)

Campus KRONOS Time Correction Form (13 down in list)

Campus Kronos Timekeeper/Editor Access Request Form (14 down in list)

Training Sessions and Clinic/Lab Times:

Regularly scheduled Campus KRONOS Training Classes are now available. Register via the UAB Learning System.

Timekeeper/Editor Recommended Classes:

Campus KRONOS Timekeeping
Target Audience: Individuals identified as Campus KRONOS Timekeeper/Editors
Requirements: Must have a Blazer ID/password and must be identified as a Campus KRONOS Editor
Description: Covers the basic features of accessing and navigating the Campus KRONOS system and KRONOS TEL form. Topics will include KRONOS terminology, editing timecards, accessing the audit trail information, running reports and time entry on the KRONOS TEL document.

Managing Biweekly Time and Labor Costing on the TEL Form
Target Audience: Individuals responsible for managing time and costing instruction for biweekly (non-exempt) employees
Requirements: UAB Timekeeper or UAB HR Officer Responsibility
Description: Hands-on approach to entering data on the Tme Entry and Labor (TEL) document, managing work and benefit categorization, and using the assignment and/or element costing feature. Additional information includes reassigning and reprocessing documents.

Non-Exempt Employees Recommended Classes:

Non-Exempt Employees: Reporting Worked and Benefit Time Hours for Payroll Processing
Target Audience: Non-Exempt Employees
Requirements: None
Description: Familiarizes the non-exempt employee with the UAB Campus KRONOS Timekeeping System to document their daily worked hours for the current pay period. Also, introduces the Oracle Administrative Systems TEL document for reporting worked and benefit time hours for payroll processing.


Campus KRONOS staff will be available to assist Org Timekeeper/Editors with completing tasks in the Campus KRONOS system during the open clinic/lab times below:

Every Thursday 2-3:30 p.m. in AB B60

Contact the Campus KRONOS Hotline at 205-934-5122 for immediate assistance.
KRONOS-related questions can be emailed to instructeam@uab.edu.

Q: What timekeeping changes are taking place at UAB?

A: New terminology will be a part of this cultural change. “Biweekly” or “hourly paid” employees will now be called “nonexempt” employees. “Monthly” or “salaried paid” employees will now be called “exempt” employees. There are additional terminology changes that will be discussed in future training sessions.

The biggest change however, will be requiring nonexempt employees to “punch in” and “punch out” using the KRONOS Time and Recordkeeping System.

This year, nonexempt employees will be asked to log into the Campus KRONOS system from a designated UAB computer each day in order to:

  • Punch in at the beginning and out at the end of their work day or shift.
  • Punch in and out for lunch when applicable.

When employees do not punch in or out, supervisors will be responsible for editing employees “missed punches” in the Campus KRONOS system.

Non-exempt employees will concurrently use TEL and the Campus KRONOS system for a defined period of time. This will ensure that everyone is familiar with punching in and out and resolving missed punches. In addition, Payroll will validate downloads from KRONOS for accuracy in future payroll processing.

HR Policies and Procedures are also being updated to become compliant with FLSA regulations.

Q: Why are these changes being implemented?

A: UAB needs to be in compliance with current government FLSA regulations.

Q: Who does this change affect?

A: This will impact all non-exempt paid employees and their supervisors .

Q: How do I prepare my department and employees for these changes if I am a supervisor?

A: There are several ways to prepare. You should:

  • Talk to your nonexempt employees about FLSA.
  • Talk to your nonexempt employees about the implementation of KRONOS on campus.
  • Verify the Supervisor listed via ACT is correct for all your nonexempt employees. This information can be viewed and updated by the processing of an ACT Data Change Document.
  • Ensure your area has the minimum PC requirements. IT will communicate these and the requirements will be posted on the UAB timekeeping website.

Q: How does this affect me if I am a non-exempt employee?

A: If you are a non-exempt employee, you will have to log your time in KRONOS in compliance with FLSA regulations. During the initial phase of the change, you will still be required to enter your time into TEL. In the future (scheduled for 2017), KRONOS time logs will automatically feed into TEL.

Q: When will the changes start taking place?

A: We understand it’s going to take time for departments to get on board and trained in the Campus KRONOS system, so we will be phasing in the implementation. The first phase will primarily be getting your nonexempt employees trained and accustomed to punching in and out of KRONOS. Beginning June 20, 2016, an online tutorial and written step-by-step instructions will be available on the timekeeping website for employees to view. The target date for nonexempt employees to begin punching in and out using the Campus KRONOS system is July 10, 2016.

Q: How will these changes be implemented?

A: Employees will log into Campus KRONOS on a designated or approved UAB computer, punch in at the beginning of their work day or shift, punch out at the end of their work day or shift including punching out and in for lunch.