UAB Competency Model

competency model

In 2012, UAB made a concerted effort to better frame our professional development efforts by identifying and defining what competencies were necessary for employees to be successful here. These competencies were developed by the Organizational Development Committee, based on interviews with senior leaders and data from peer institutions.

A competency is an underlying characteristic of an individual that contributes to his or her success, no matter what role he or she holds in the organization. Competencies are not just “nice-to-have’s”—rather, they are critical. The UAB competencies are displayed in the pyramid. Core competencies should be demonstrated by all employees. Leadership competencies apply to those in senior leadership roles. 

Currently, the competency model provides a framework for OL&D’s professional development training and leadership development programs. Soon, employees will be evaluated on their performance in each of these competency areas. We encourage you to reflect on which of the competencies are your strengths and which are opportunities for development. 

Performance Management

At UAB, we expect all faculty and staff to continually develop and grow in their professional roles. The UAB Performance Management Process is designed to ensure that you have the resources and information you need to do that. Consistent performance management processes, assessment tools, ratings, and development plans help increase the effectiveness of supervisors and employees within and across units.

The UAB Competency Model is the foundation for our Performance Management Process. We encourage all faculty and staff to develop the core leadership competencies in addition to specific skills that they need for their jobs. Organizational Learning & Development offers classes and other opportunities to develop the core leadership competencies.


To help supervisors implement the Performance Management Process, we have provided the following tools:

Performance Management Checklist
Individual Development Plan
Performance Evaluation Form


Talent Management

Talent management represents an organization's commitment to recruit, retain, and develop the most talented and superior employees available in the job market.  Through leadership development opportunities and performance management support, UAB's talent management system is designed to ensure that employees have the tools they need to be successful.  Currently, our talent management services include: