The UAB Faculty & Staff Learning System is a learning management system that is customized for UAB to provide faculty and staff with an array of online training tools and resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This system gives employees the ability to take control of their own training and development by self-registering for elective learning courses, in addition to regulatory courses, from a single sign-on access point. Additionally, the system provides UAB the capability to ensure that state and federal-mandated courses are delivered in a timely manner. For UAB Medicine employees, the system is previously known as HealthStream.

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This documentation is designed to provide users of the Oracle Administrative System with the information and instructions needed to effectively use Human Resource applications.

The Oracle HR Administrative System includes the following HR applications:

  • Core Human Resources Management
  • Advanced Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Labor Distribution (LD) and Effort Reporting
  • Self Service Applications

Users of the system have access to a limited set of web pages, forms, functions, data and reports that are defined by specific HR responsibilities.  View a detailed overview of system access and responsibilities.

Human Resource Responsibilities

Listed below are the HR "responsibilities" along with an example of how the responsibility displays on the individuals' personal homepage. Included is a brief overview of the responsibility and which transactional forms are available. Instructional documentation has been developed to assist individuals having access to a specific HR responsibility; simply click on the responsibility name or a specific transactional form.

Oracle HR Responsibility

Transactional Forms and Functionality

UAB HR Officer:
709700000 Womens and Infant Services
329600000  Orthodontics

Gives users the ability to: view and update personnel data  (ACT Form), view and update timesheet hours and cost distributions (TEL), view and retroactively redistribute previously posted salary/benefit dollars (Salary Reclass Form) , view faculty data, and run ad hoc reports.


 UAB Salary Reclass User:
329600000 Salary Reclass

Gives users the ability to: retroactively redistribute previously posted salary/benefit dollars for an employee, or fellowship dollars for a trainee, who is affiliated with that end user's organizational unit or who has any assignment in that organizational unit (Salary Reclass Form)


Gives the users the ability to: view and update his/her own biweekly timesheet hours and cost distribution, and view vacation/personal holidays/sick time balances (TEL Form)


UAB Timekeeper:
329600000 Timekeeper

Gives the users the ability to: view, and may update, the biweekly timesheet hours and cost distribution of the biweekly employees in the assigned organizational unit(s) and view absence accrual balances (TEL Form)

UAB Effort Report User:
UAB Effort Report User

Gives users the ability to: view/certify their own personal effort report or effort reports delivered by the system for review.