Americans with Disabilities Act
The University of Alabama atBirmingham is committed to nondiscrimination and employment of qualified individuals with physical and mental disabilities in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as amended by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA), and state and local laws and ordinances. An individual is considered to have a disability if he or she has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such an impairment, or is regarded as having such an impairment.

Section 504, the ADA and the ADAAA prohibit discrimination against a qualified individual with a disability.  A qualified individual is one who can perform the essential functions of his or her job with or without a reasonable accommodation. The ADA also requires that employers provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with known disabilities. A reasonable accommodation is designed to assist an employee in the performance of his or her job without placing an undue hardship on The University or posing a direct threat to the employee or to other individuals.

The Office of Human Resources has been designated to coordinate employee requests for reasonable workplace accommodations. Employees should make accommodation requests by completing the Employee Accommodation Request Form and returning it to the AWARE Disability Management Program Coordinator. It is your responsibility to request an accommodation. The University may require written documentation of your limitations from an appropriate health care provider. 

If you request and are granted an accommodation, implementation of the accommodation will be handled by your department.  You must report changes in your ongoing need for accommodation.

Please contact Sherri Moultrie, AWARE Coordinator, at (205)975-9973 or with any questions.

The following are being honored for their years of service:

20 Years

Deborah Argent, Dianna Baker, Patricia Balaban, Bettye Banks, Robert Brown, Tavie Brown, Ella Burns, Catherine Langley Coshatt, Rosilyn Crenshaw, Deborah Riggs Deavours, Vickie Desarro, Mel-Marie Diaz-Datka, Darryl Eubanks, Gary Evans, Donna Ewing, Latonya Fields, Jerrie Gaut, Mary Graham, Dorothy Harrison, Lisa Hays, Christine Hodge, Artimese Holcombe, Cheryl Hollingsworth, Vicki Holmes, Subrina Lanettye Hughley, Charlotte Jennings, Fannie Johnson, Rita Johnson, Terri Johnson, Pamela Holmes Johnson, Vera Jones, Lynette Jordan, Ida Kendricks, Rachel Lamb, Isiaka Lawal, Derrick Lee, Dedric Logan, Joy Thomas Lucas, Pamela Mack-Coe, Mitzi Macke, Cynthia McIntyre, Janet Meredith, Lynda Moore, John Myers, Melissa Ohnich, Linda Owens, Leanne Peoples, Thomas Peterson, Donna Purvis, Eric Rawden, Delilah Richardson, Jennifer Roberson, Kathy Sadler, Linda Schrecongost, Lynnette Scott, Betty Smith, Laura Stewart, Deborah Scott Thedford-Zimmerman, Marla Tortomasi, Sheila Ann Treadaway, Jonathan Utter, Mary Walker, Nancy Wasson, Leslie Webb, Rhonda Weeks, Ella Wells, Christine Williams, Cynthia Williams, Regina Young

25 Years

Carol Barnett, Carol Brandley, Rose Britton, Lisa Carpenter, Aaron Christopher, Thomas Comer, Susy Davis, Sonja Davis, Denise Dougherty, Marjorie Edwards, Verlada Abrams Elston, John Gilbert, Stephen Green, Victor Guevara, Debbie Hill, Sherry Jennings, Michael Johnson, Hamid Kazemifar, Toufic Khoury, Kathie McBride, Velveeta Nathan, Amy Pfeil Neimkin, Kimberly Owens, Mary Paige, Valeria Roberts, Angela Rodgers, Sandra Rudolph, Michael Seymore, Julie Shirley, Anthony Skinner, Lola Smith, Rajesh Speer, Tracy Taylor, Melissa Warren, Beth Watters, Viola Wilson

30 Years

Charlotte Beeker, Scott Beeton, Ralph Blackmon, Dale Boyd, Dorothy Brown, Carol Coleman Washington, Cynthia Stone Dudley, Valerie Harper-King, Lester Howard, Addie Jones, Arnella Samuel, Rick Teer, Sharon Watson

35 Years

Bettye Arnold, Mary Dickerson, Nellie Eakins, Valerie Garrett, Savannah Jones, Gloria Jones, Martha Long, Mark McKay, Pamela Patterson, Anita Roberson, Talmon Townley

40 Years

Gloria Harris, Judy Jones, Debra Ragan, Dennis Sanchez

45 Years

Arthur Brown

In 2017 UAB had 1,224 employees eligible for service award recognition.
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Honored 20 Year Recipients

Honored 25 Year Recipients

Honored 30 Year Recipients

Honored 35 Year Recipients

Honored 40 Year Recipients

Honored 45 Year Recipients



Suggestions for recognizing service award recipients:

  • Present pin and certificate to the employee(s) at a departmental meeting
  • Hold a small reception for the service award recipient(s) in your department
  • Accompany service pin and certificate with written recognition letter or thank you card
  • Create a Hall of Fame wall with photos of service award recipients