Need to Drop a Class?

We all have emergencies from time to time. We prefer that you drop the class as far ahead of time as possible. To drop a class, log in to the UAB Faculty & Staff Learning System. Once you are logged in, select the upcoming class and click the Drop this Class button.

Cancellation of a Class Due to Minimal Amount of Students

Organizational Learning & Development reserves the right to cancel a class if the appropriate number of attendees is not met. Every attempt will be made to notify participants of cancellations in a timely manner. However, if the required number of participants are not in attendance at the designated start time, instructors may cancel the class and you will be asked to register for the next available class. Instructors will wait 15 minutes before a decision to cancel a class.

Cancellation of a Class Due to Other Circumstances

Organizational Learning & Development also reserves the right to cancel scheduled classes when circumstances require such action. Classes may be cancelled if registrations fall short of the minimum required participation level. Every attempt will be made to notify registered participants of cancellations as soon as changes occur. Participants should check this website frequently to obtain the most updated information.