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Skills & Networking Workshops

Learning & Development offers a variety of learning opportunities to enhance the professional and personal development of UAB faculty and staff. Select a category below for information on available workshops including course descriptions and upcoming sessions. Workshops are a no-cost benefit to UAB employees. Select courses are eligible for CE credits.


Productivity Workshops

The key to success is making the most of your day — do more by learning how to set priorities, stay focused and manage your time.

Communication Workshops

Effective communication is fundamental to all aspects of business — from team building to reducing workplace stress.
Service Excellence

Service Excellence Workshops

Regardless of position, service skills are critical to your personal and organizational success.
Management Fundamentals

Management Fundamentals

This leadership development program features three concentrated workshops built around real-world discussion and skills practice.

LD Workshops Spotlight

Managing Projects at UAB

Anyone leading, managing, or working with projects will walk away with tangible tips for managing projects at UAB. Hear from a panel of experts with a proven track record and share insights from your own experience. Develop your project skills and increase your effectiveness and impact.

At the end of this session, participants will have:

  • Ready-to-apply strategies for leading, guiding and managing projects
  • Advice from project management experts from across the university
  • Peer contacts for ongoing support
  • Resources for continued learning
WHEN: Wednesday, Oct. 24, 9 to 10:30 a.m.
WHERE: Medical Towers Room 419A

Registration is open to all UAB faculty or staff. Space is limited; register online at bit.ly/uablearndev1024.