Learning the "UAB Language"

As a new manager from inside or outside UAB, the terms, acronyms and definitions you'll hear on the job can get confusing. The resources below are designed to help you understand the language of UAB managers.

The Administrative Systems Website

When you go to uab.edu/adminsystems, you will see a variety of buttons that lead to different systems you may need to use. Use this PDF to help you determine which ones you may need. 

Recruiting and the PAR/CRF Request Form

Whether you are recruiting a person for a new or vacant position, you will be using this form. Use this document to help with the terminology. 

What does being a manager really mean?

At UAB, it means, among other things, to proactively grow and develop your team. Managers are responsible to provide employees with new and advanced knowledge, skills, and experiences in order to be successful both now and in the future. 

What is a Lynda.com playlist?

Playlists are for building and prioritizing lists of courses you’re watching or want to watch, and tracking your progress. Playlists are found on Lynda.com by clicking the Quick Links at the bottom of the page, then find and click on Playlists. A quick overview of Playlists can be found here. Look for the Lynda.com icon throughout the Manager's Toolkit for more playlists.

Employees and Assignment Categories

Work Study, Post-Docs, Affiliates are all terms used to describe positions outside the regular full-time, part-time or temporary positions at UAB. Learn more here.


QUESTIONS? For questions about the Manager's Toolkit or suggestions for other topics, email eteacher@uab.edu.