The State of Alabama Ethics Commission requires that UAB employees who meet a certain salary threshold, or whose job includes management of state funds in certain capacities, complete an annual Statement of Economic Interests form.  The salary threshold is now $75,000; and anyone serving as a supervisor has been added to the list of those who must file the form.  As required by law, the UAB Office of Human Resources has identified specific employees both internally and to the Commission as an employee meeting one or more of the above criteria in 2016. The specific employees who are required to file the report will receive an email in April with the subject: State of Alabama Ethics Commission Filing for 2017.

In order to help you fulfill this requirement, the Ethics Commission now provides the form and instructions on their website,, so that you can quickly and conveniently file online.  While you may still choose to print a copy of the form, complete it and return it directly to the Ethics Commission, we encourage you to take advantage of the quick and cost-effective online filing option. When you do, you will receive an e-mail from the Ethics Commission (the e-mail address will contain providing you with a code that confirms your form has been filed.  Please keep this confirmation code on file in a safe place because you will be asked for your confirmation code when/if you try to view your Statement of Economic Interests information during future visits to the Ethics Commission website.

If completed online, the form must be completed and the confirmation code received by the state mandated deadline of May 1, 2017.  In addition, direct mail forms also must be postmarked no later than May 1, 2017.

Please note, as you complete the form online that not all sections necessarily apply to everyone; which means that “Not Applicable” and “None” are valid responses.  Other responses can be indicated by selecting from a list of values or placing a check mark in a box.  You may be able to determine whether it will be necessary for you to complete a particular section of the form simply by reading the title or description of each section. Section 10 deserves special note because it describes a fine imposed by the Ethics Commission if the form is not completed and filed with the Ethics Commission.  It is important that you complete the online form and receive the confirmation code on or before May 1, 2017.

For a full description of the requirements regarding the Ethics Commission’s efforts to ensure compliance with state conflict of interest laws and proper handling of taxpayer dollars, please visit their website at  There you will find a link to the “Statement of Economic Interests” and the “Forms and FAQs,” which contains all of the necessary information for completing the form online.

General information about the Alabama Ethics Law for UAB employees is available on the Compliance website.