ACT Documents for the areas listed below are reviewed and approved by the Records staff member as listed. If you have questions or need assistance, you may contact Records at 205.934.4408 or email the individual staff member.

Millie Horton

Front Desk
Receives and distributes all ACT attachments; ACT documents for Organizations beginning with 114402 (Temporary Services)

Janice McNair

Backup for Front Desk and Leaves of Absences
ACT documents for Organizations beginning with: 31 – 39

Debbie Adams

Leave of Absence Coordinator
Leaves of Absence ACT Documents and Sick Time Donations

Donaresa Craig

ACT Documents for Organizations beginning with 0-29 and 41-51

Leslie Morris

Backup for E-Verify
Hospital ACT documents for Organizations beginning with: 69 – 70 and LLC Org 799999999

Amanda Smith

Hospital ACT documents for Organizations beginning with: 69- 70 and LLC Org 799999999

Geneva Thompson

Faculty Background Checks and E-Verify
ACT Documents for Faculty and Volunteers

ACT Document Types and Reasons for Staff
This document offers definitions and general uses for each ACT Document Reason when initiating a personnel action for Staff.

Attachments Required by Records
This grid should be used as a general guide to identify the type of attachments that are required or may be requested by the Records Department per ACT document reason. It is our hope that this document addresses the majority of circumstances that may require attachments. However; it may not be all inclusive. Please feel free to contact our office at 205.934.4408 if you have questions.

ACT Document Subgroups
ACT document subgroups have been added to the system to enhance reporting capabilities for the system and help in determining which document reason to use. 

HR Records Data Verification Form