UAB Human Resources supports the mission of the
University of Alabama at Birmingham by helping the state’s largest employer become the first choice for those who share our vision of a research university and academic health center that discovers, teaches and applies knowledge for the intellectual, cultural, social and economic benefit of Birmingham, the state and beyond.

Contact Human Resources and our departments directly for information about benefits, policies, employment, and training opportunities between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST. Persons using a TTY/TDD telecommunications device may contact AWARE

HR Updates

  • Use or Lose Your Personal Holidays

    UAB’s policy on personal holidays requires non-hospital biweekly-paid full-time regular employees to take any unused personal holidays by the last biweekly pay period with a June pay date.  For 2017, that means that employees in this category must...

  • New I-9 form required by Jan. 22, 2017

    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has revised the Form I-9 effective Nov. 14, 2016. The revised Form I-9 must be used for all new hires/rehires no later than Jan. 22, 2017. Please begin using the revised Form I-9 for all campus...

  • UAB Paid Living Donor Leave effective March 1, 2017

    UAB is one of the three largest kidney transplant centers in the nation and has performed more transplants than any other program in the nation since 1987. Implementation of the UAB Paid Living Donor Leave (PLDL) supports UAB employees who...

  • Benefits updates: 1095-C form, Truth in Salary Statements & Total Compensation Statements

    In addition to the tax documents you normally receive from UAB, all employees who meet eligibility for health insurance as defined by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will receive a 1095-C form. Do not throw the 1095 form(s) away. They are needed for...

  • HR Policy 634

    HR Policy 634 – Alcohol and Drug Testing for Reasonable Cause has been revised effective Feb. 1, 2017.  The revision reflects changes in our practice to include procedures and collection sites.

  • Sick Time Donation Pool - Initial Phase

    In late 2016, the UAB Employee Benefits Committee approved the expansion of the Sick Time Donation Policy to provide a source of paid leave for employees who have exhausted available accrued benefit time as a result of significant illness or injury to...

The UAB Manager's Recruitment Toolbox is designed to serve as a resource for hiring managers to assist with the steps involved in recruiting for and filling positions at UAB.

How to Request a New Employee (Full-Time or Part-Time)

To request a new employee for full-time or part-time work or someone to backfill a departing employee, UAB has an established process that should be followed. The process begins with the PAR/CRF form, which provides UAB Compensation and UAB Recruitment Services with the essential information and approvals from your department to help us facilitate your search.


How To Request A Temporary Employee

When it comes to providing qualified temporary staff, UAB Recruitment Services—through its Temporary Services unit--can do much more than fill your immediate need, we can save you time and money.  To request a temporary resource, please complete a Temporary Employee PAR/CRF form:

Instructions on how to use the PAR/CRF form can be found here.

Cost Savings - How Temporary Services Benefits You

Why use UAB Temporary Services for your needs? The use of outside temporary employment agencies is discouraged, as UAB may be held accountable for the conduct of outside agencies, and private agencies are much more expensive to utilize. UAB Temporary Services charges a much lower rate than that of outside agencies. Should you decide to hire a Temporary Services employee for a full-time position, there is no conversion fee, which outside firms would normally charge. All applicants undergo a comprehensive initial screening, which includes an extensive criminal history investigation, verification of education and previous work history, and a review of motor vehicle records where necessary.

Departments that are assigned temporary employees are charged the employee’s base salary plus a percentage to cover administrative costs. The department’s budget is automatically billed. No requisitions for payment are required.

For more detailed information regarding the use of Temporary Services, please contact the UAB Temporary Service Office within UAB Recruitment Services at 934-4030.

OIG Checks

For all positions at UAB, an OIG background check is required. For 01/02/03/04 status hires, UAB Recruitment Services will run this check. To receive the request form for this search, please contact us at for more information. 


02 Temporary FT and 04 Irregular

When processing ACT documents for the 02 Temporary FT or the 04 Irregular positions, you are required to submit the two supplementary documents listed below.

In order to view the forms, please enable JavaScript.  For additional information regarding faculty hires or the Hire template for 02/04 Employees, please contact UAB Human Resources Records Administration at 205-934-4408.  To receive additional information regarding the OIG Data form, please contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots.


Search Firm Guidelines

The goal of a successful search is to recruit the most qualified and diverse applicant pool available in order to select the best candidate to become a member of the UAB community. This guide has been created as a resource to assist departments when it is determined that the services of a search firm will be needed. 

View the Search Firm Guidelines